[ My Skin Gym ] Pigments Treatment - Signature Duo Treatment & Dual Yellow Laser {Part 1}

Friday, 30 January 2015

Disclaiming here before I continue my post, it's not that any products that I've reviewed for the treatment of my pigments aren't effective. In fact, all of them do just that I would prefer to see effects in the short run. :D

Okay, hello everyone! And here I am talking bout my pigmentation again which I may have done so in my few previous posts, trying to get rid of them. Maybe mostly it did lighten up but it does take quite some time before I find it effective for me.

Why/Since when do I have freckles which is also known as pigments on my face? 
I don't know when my freckles/pigments problem started to get worse but I know it's been visible for a very long time. Even my hands have pigments as well but it's not as obvious as the ones on my cheeks. As my face is fairer than my hands (Okay lah actually my hand very dark) hence my face's skin tone made the pigments look even obvious and darker. 
Apparently the main reason why freckles tend to grow alot on my skin mainly when my skin is exposed to sunlight. 

And here are the clearer pictures of my pigments. Which you mostly might not see it in most pictures but yes, if you see me in real life, the pigments are really obvious. 

Early January, I was introduced to My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa to see if there is anything that could be done for my freckles.

A little introduction about My Skin Gym -

My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa is one of Malaysia's emerging clinic which brings the latest and advanced aesthetic needs to enhance confidence and appearance of all patients' needs.  
From their website ( www.myskingym.com.my ) you'll be able to find their services and keep yourself updated on their promotions. You can even find the doctors' full biodata there as well as their address and contact number which I will include it at the end of this post as well.  

How My Skin Gym looks like!
(Picture credits : My Skin Gym)

So the moment I arrived I was brought into a room to wash my face by a lady (A really friendly one as well) and I was told to wear the shower cap! Actually this step could be done before or after the consultation process, doesn't affect much anyway.

Then I was brought to the consultation room where Dr. Ding was there to listen to my freckles/pigments problem and explained how the whole process is going to be. Just so you know, Dr. Ding will be the main doctor here at My Skin Gym :) 
I was told that my pigments are curable after a few sessions! So this post is going to be just my first trip there to My Skin Gym. 

Truth to be told I was REALLY anxious about getting rid of my freckles REAL soon after so long but yes, excited as well! 

In total I had two treatments which the first one was Signature Duo Treatment and the other one was Dual Yellow Laser.

I'll start off with Signature Duo Treatment. 
Signature Duo is a combination of Nd Yag and Erbium Yag which is also the main procedure for my pigments removal. 

Machines use for my pigment treatment!
Left (Purple one) is called Erbium Yag while the right one is called Ng Yag! 

As you can see from the picture, the red light is when, well the process has started! You can feel the itchiness on your skin when the red light moves around your face. It's a ticklish, pricklish feeling but not painful. Just really itchy that I felt like scratching my face hahaha. Dr. Ding did this process more on my cheeks, where the pigments are! 

Before the doctor move on with the Dual Yellow Laser, ultrasound gel was applied on my face which was really cooling as well. I had to wear on that eye patches and people who stood there and watch had sunglasses during this process. The reason why is plainly because it's too bright, not that is harmful or anything but some people may not stand the brightness!

 It does look really bright this way but still, it's acceptable. 

Oh and did I mentioned that this particular machine itself is the very first one in JB area which is highly recommended for skin whitening and dark circles? Usually you have it like in Singapore or KL which you might have to travel pretty far if you're from Johor area but not anymore! 

As I was told that the procedure started off at a lower level, depends on how much you can endure because certain areas where your face is more sensitive, you'll tend to feel more or less a little prickly. But I couldn't feel any pain even at that level. Dr. Ding then increased the level bit by bit to the level that I feel okay with. I'm actually very okay because it was rather comfortable than it was itchy I guess?

The eye patches were pushed up a little and move on to treating my dark circles!!!  

At first I started off with only trying to get rid of my freckles but yes, my dark circles were VERY OBVIOUS. Through the same machine, Dr. Ding was able to lessen my dark circle on both of my lower eyes and the result was INSTANTLY BETTER. I don't even know how to describe how bad my dark circles were and little did I know that I could treat my dark circles and at the same time treating my pigments as well. 

During this process, the light that emitted from the machine was really bright since the eye patches were not tight but it wasn't uncomfortable at all! The light is still acceptable so it will not hurt your eyes when the procedure is ongoing. 

Thank you Audrey for being the photographer of the day!

After Treatment :

After the procedures that I tried, as for the Dual Yellow Laser,  the instant effect that I realised that my skin got fairer - Till everyone noticed it the moment I stepped out of the room and Audrey gave me a response telling me that my skin tone could even blend in to the well already. O.O 

And second thing was my dark circles, GONE INSTANTLY which I've been trying to get rid of it these whole time and just through the procedure, I don't look like a panda anymore :D 
But one thing was I had a slight discomfort on my right lower eye where I treated my dark circles and that is normal since my eyes were well protected during the procedure, it will not anyhow harm your eyes or skin. 

For the Signature Duo Treatment, I felt okay with that treatment but I know that the effects of lightening my pigments will come slowly. So the effect was not very immediate. 

For the record, took pictures of my freckles of three different times to show the difference and improvements!

Four days after treatment (14/1/2015) where the pigments are obviously lighter, a little reddish because the treatment was emphasized more on the freckles, but the redness is gone after awhile. Natural blusher for the moment, no? 

Taken 6 days after treatment (16/1/2015) where there's no more redness and pigments are lighter by ALOT! You can see the difference if you compare. 

11 days after treatment (21/1/2014). The pigments are SIGNIFICANTLY LIGHTER by ALOT! 

This is the comparison made between the three dates that I have taken pictures of which I personally find that my freckles have lightened by alot after this treatment!

Can't wait for my second treatment on February and by then, I hope my pigments will start to lessen and lessen again till it's completely gone! As I was told that my pigments need at least two months to be completely off but for now, I finally see the light in removing them. Thank you My Skin Gym for giving me a better and healthier skin!!!!

By then, I'll blog about my follow up to My Skin Gym and hopefully by then, more obvious results will be out!

By the way, My Skin Gym is having a opening promotion which they are giving out Duo Laser Treatment @ RM29 ONLY! (Retail price : RM1000) DON'T MISS OUT! ** Refer to the picture below

( Credits : My Skin Gym )

My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa 

Offical Website : www.myskingym.com.my

104, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3,
Taman Sutera Utama, 
81300, Skudai, Johor

Tel : +6010-8822811
Email : contact@myskingym.com.my

Operating Hours 
Tuesday - Sunday 10.00am-8.00pm


  1. I have so much more freckles than you do girl, and I have to admit, such a pain in the ass. I might need to look into these sort of treatments for my face already. :s

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    1. I must say, their service is really good. So if you really wanna seek for treatment you can actually try there. :)

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