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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Hello everyone! As I have mentioned in a previous post regarding which you can read it >here< just in case you missed it, specializes in the exclusive and most of the top brands in Taiwan! 
And in this post there are two types of products that is a MUST GET when you purchase on

Taiwan is famous for their masks and YES lucky us Malaysians - that we are able to purchase them in just a click away on! And when I say Taiwan is top for their masks, definitely one of the exclusive brand would be LUDEYA

LUDEYA was established in year 2003, a brand with high efficacy yet authentically dermatologist beauty solutions masterminded by the elite team from Korea, Japan, Europe & USA. Be rest assured that LUDEYA takes quality assurance very seriously as they emphasizes their products to be made from non-artificial colourings, non-artificial fragrance and preservatives, hypo allergenic products to ensure that their products are suitable for all skin types! 

Added Botanical essential essence which you may smell the natural botanical scent and relax yourself during your pampering time. And here with three LUDEYA Microneedless Bio Cellulose x 2 Step masks which three of them works in different purposes :

Rejuvenating Moisturizing - Intensive hydrating and moisturizing 
Hydro White Moisturizing - Deep whitening and hydrating 
Brightening Moisturizing - Intensive repairing 

Rejuvenating Moisturizing Mask which provides optimum hydration for the skin, repair dry skin problems, long-lasting hydration to keep the skin smooth and supple!

 Brightening Moisturizing Mask which enhances skin repair, firm and elastic, relieve dehydrated skin and unclog pores.

Hydro White Moisturizing Mask which helps in whitening and improve skin tones. 

To be honest, I was confused when I first tried out LUDEYA’s mask - and perhaps I’ve never tried a mask that has a blue layer to put on, which usually masks don’t have it and most of the time is just one layer of the normal sheet mask and that is all. For LUDEYA’s masks, it gets a little confusing on the application but so far, it's understandable. So be clear on the application!

Methods of using : 

1. Opening the packaging and remove the pearl paper layer (White layer)

 How it looks like when you open it!

 Unfold the mask - and this side on this picture shows the pearl paper which you are suppose to remove it!

2. Place the Bio Cellulose Mask onto face (the layer after removing the pearl paper layer)

Apply this side of the mask on your face!

3. Remove the outer blue layer and gently press with fingers on the mask, so it can fully cover your face

This blue layer of mask is on the outer layer when you apply the mask after removing the pearl paper. 

4. Wait and pamper your face for 20-30 minutes and remove mask!  

I would say that I have totally FELL IN LOVE with their masks after application!!! Not did my skin felt moisturised, my skin felt smooth and supple instantly even after one whole day which made a huge difference than my usual masking routine. 

Retail price of the LUDEYA's mask are priced at the price around RM22 - RM39 which you can now purchase them at @ RM19.47-RM33.15! HUGE DIFFERENCE RIGHTT! 
Just check out the promotion page > here <  and there's the list! 


Simply Red Bean and Barley drink 

So this is the second product which is also highly recommended at . As most Taiwanese are conscious about their outer beauty, but taking care of their health is in their norm as well.

 The packaging of the Red Bean and Barley Water. Pretty cute and lightweight! 

Back of the packaging shows how it was process and methods on consuming their drinks. 

Packed in small satchets!

As I was told that their Red Bean and Barley Water are concentrated extract, no pesticides nor additives, no edema and plus, it's promotes metabolism. So it got my attention on trying them out. 

SIMPLY Red Bean Water

SIMPLY's Red Bean water is rich in natural amino acids, vitamins, iron where it helps in :

- Creating rosy complexion, enrich the blood 
- Relieve menstrual pain
- Detoxification 
- Boost the immune system, laxative 

SIMPLY's Red Bean water is pure-natural, sugar-free, colourless, flavourless (which you can also add sugar, or anything else with the drink for your own preferences), no preservatives and no anti-oxidant. 

And also this is my very first time that I’ve heard of a red bean drink which would help in building a healthy lifestyle. Which not that I’m not aware of it, but red bean related has never been in my normal diet. So I gave it a try! :D

For my preference, I added two teaspoons of sugar in my drink as it's really bland if you consume it this way but yes, the aroma of the red bean water is there even if you do not add anything into it. 

You are also advised to add into tea, coffee, milk, juice or soya milk to dilute this together with your drink. But either way, it's up to you. 

As told, it is colourless. For me I prefer drinking it this way than to dilute it with other beverages. It was rather bland although I added two teaspoons of sugar. So I added another teaspoon of it and it turned out pretty fine. Actually it's better to drink it plainly, no? :D Or if you would prefer a better flavour, perhaps adding it into a cup of hot tea would be nice!

Next, SIMPLY's Barley Water!

SIMPLY Barley Water is rich in dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins which also helps in :

- Skin whitening, flawless translucent skin
- Maintain perfect body figure 

Same goes to this barley water, it is pure-natural, sugar-free, colourless, flavourless, no preservatives and no anti-oxidant. So remember to add sugar or anything which you think it would go well with the drink!

The colour looks like the normal barley drink which we would usually see outside, except this is rest assured a healthy barley drink to consume! It would taste better if added more sugar into it :)

SIMPLY'S Red Bean Water and Barley is priced at RM29.00 which you can purchase it 
> here < if you are interested in buying it. This is definitely a product worth trying. If it's something good for health, it's always worth the try!

For more information, do not hesistate to contact!

For general enquiries and support :
Email :
HP: +6017 7373779

Or message them on Facebook! :D

Business Hours : Monday - Friday (9.30 am - 6.00 pm)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

Till then, 
Edlyn :) 


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