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Thursday, 15 January 2015

 Hello everyone! :D

Everyone loves cafe hopping don't you think so? But with that aside, you would love to enjoy the delicacies as much as you love posting them, right? If you happen to be around JB area, make sure you do not miss out on visiting B.E. Coffee! 

B.E. Coffee - Taste the food, enjoy the coffee
Night view of the cafe is beautiful from the outside. The big sign of B.E. Cafe is visible from far so it's not hard to find! Plus, it was windy that night so I was pretty convinced to just go in and have a cup of hot chocolate. :D

Carinn said this looks like cockroaches from far, which I agreed hahaha. But it's actually coffee beans :O

I love going to cafes that plays oldies so I was enjoying the music there the whole time. The ambiance and everything was just right, I didn't even mind waiting for food because it was just so comfortable sitting there + chatting with them! 

Then of course, time for food! :D

#1 Atlantic Salmon Salad RM19.90

Applewood smoked, fresh cut Atlantic salmon slice which was lightly grilled - served with some fresh greens topped with lemon dill dressing 
The salmon slices look like roses don't they? ;) With the generous amount of cherry tomatoes served, this was a great starter for the night. 

#2 Creamy Pumpkin Soup RM13.90

Fresh pumpkin softened in chicken soup then puréed to perfection 
This would be so perfect if served with toasted bread ;D But the soup itself is really savoury and light. 

#3 Classic Egg Benedict RM20.90 

For poached egg lovers, you know the egg cooked leaving the yolks raw - topped with buttery hollandaise sauce served with baked muffin and ham, this would be perfect for you! Like how some might taste a little off when it comes to poached eggs, this was pleasant. 

A closer look on the poached eggs. Hungry yet? :P

#4 Wild Mushroom Rösti RM18.90 

Pardon me, this is the first that I've heard of Rösti :o Rösti is a Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes (based on Google) and it does look like a plate of fried beehoon, doesn't it? XD
Served with sour cream and wild mushrooms, these three elements go well perfectly.

#5 Club Sandwich RM15.90

This is usually kids' favourite (and mine) when it's served with fat fries at the side, scrambled eggs, melted cheese, hams and some sliced tomatoes sandwiched with their daily baked and toasted bread. (Spot those cherry tomatoes at the side!!!!)
All my favourite food in one plate, perfectly combined sandwich which I think I can have that almost every lunch if I dine there! 

#6 Carrot Cake RM9.90 

Cream cheese topping with shredded coconut and carrot filling
It has a texture like a red velvet cake - crumbly yet not dry. The sweetness of this cake is mild and not overwhelming. Or if you prefer a richer creamy taste - 

#7 Triple Royale Cake RM9.90 

Top Layer - Chocolate cheese / Middle Layer - Mascarpone cheese / Bottom Layer - Chocolate cake 
As I LOVE cheese and chocolate, this is definitely one of my fave as it's both of my favourite elements combined into a delectable dessert! 

#8 Granola RM12.90

Greek yoghurt with dried rasberries, strawberries and walnuts
This caught my attention once it was served. Look at the amount of the strawberries!!!!!! The soury taste of the strawberry with the yoghurt and walnuts - could make girls go crazy over this!  For me at least. 

#9 Baby Chino RM7.90
(non-caffeinated drink)

Not sure if this Doraemon was suppose to winking or what but yeah, it's still obvious that it's a Doraemon right? XD
For non-coffee drinkers or you would like to have something different from the coffee menu, this would be it. A hot beverage with a rich vanilla taste, this would be perfect especially on rainy days. Plus, look how cute it is! 

#10 Rose Latte RM10.90

 "Hi Pretty" and I thought it was "Hi Betty" 
Since it was my drink then I was complaining why it wasn't my name LOLLL 
Then Aud and Carinn said the barista's pick-up line failed XD But so pretty right! With the rose flakes surrounding it. 

This rose latte is SO LOVELY. It is so aromatic and it's nice even after awhile when it's cooled!

#11 Cold brew RM12.90

(Sorry princess at the back, don't kill me XD)
Ended the night with this really strong drink which no one wanted to drink since it was served last and everyone was ready to go home and take a good rest. Only Eunice and I finished the whole bottle together and yeah, it was so strong that I slept at 4 that night O.O
Oh well, coffee helps in slimming down right? :p

And of course, a group photo!
Always thankful that I have met all of you and the time spent together is always time well spent! Hope you see all of you again the next and of course, one full gathering! :D

(Picture credits to Carinn)

B.E. Coffee @ Taman Molek, JB

(Old Branch)

2, Jalan Molek 1/5C,
Taman Molek, 
81100, Johor Bahru, 
Operating Hours : Mon-Sun (8.30 am - 11.30 pm)

Edlyn :)

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