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Friday, 9 January 2015

Hello everyone and Happy 2015! My very first post of the year and I'm glad to share with you guys...........

.... that iQueen has officially launched - LIKE FINALLY!

iQueen is a website that sells a WIDE variety of masks and other facial products. They are originated from Taiwan's top online shopping website, and also they are the exclusive retailer for most of the famous brands! (For example : Ludeya, Coni Beauty and many more!!)

See! So many brands. :O :O :O

For online shoppers and for those who are lazy to go travel just to stock up on the facial products. Mostly talking about myself though but nowadays, people are prone to buy things online so you have to make sure that you get best quality of products from a trustworthy website - And iQueen is one of them!

iQueen provides only the best and ORIGINAL products, secured payment and delivery.
As iQueen imports most of their products directly from the manufacturers, the prices of products are SO REASONABLE and cheap!!!!! 

As iQueen takes originality very seriously so be rest assured and shop happily on iQueen! :D Your banking details will also be kept sealed and secured. 

FAST delivery with their professional wrapping skills to ensure that your purchase is in PERFECT condition when you open the package. I've received a package from iQueen once and I was amazed how they so attentively wrapped all the products individually using bubbles wraps!!! (Then I started popping all the bubble wraps hahaha!!!) Thank you iQueen for emphasizing on this, so so so much needed! 

Like what I always LOVE to do - Collect points! And iQueen has the points collections system where you can collect during purchase and redeem awesome products with the points! Since you might not know what you might get, but usually redemption of the points that you collected makes you feel like your purchases were all worth the money right?!

Like their Facebook page and you're entitled with a discount voucher of 10% - with a minimum purchase of RM80! > CLICK HERE <

Sign up now as their member at and start shopping away! 

For general enquiries and support :
Email :
HP: +6017 7373779

Or message them on Facebook! :D

Business Hours : Monday - Friday (9.30 am - 6.00 pm)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

Till then, 
Edlyn :)


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