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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Are you afraid of facials? You know, when they are super painful and that one hour (or more) lying there feels like forever. I've never been to a facial before but that's how my friends always describe facial treatments. 

"My face SO RED after facial OMG HOW TO GO OUT?!" - What usually I'll hear my friends say after facial XD 

I have to admit, my tolerance towards pain is so so so low. Then when my friends emphasized how painful traditional facial treatments were, I didn't want to try facial treatments AT ALL ._. Till WECOMED came up with this facial treatment called 'CLAPS' which you will NOT feel pain during facial, on the other side you'll feel relaxed and your skin is pampered in a gentle way! No squeezing out blackheads by force, etc :O 

So since I was introduced to WECOMED, I really wanted to try it since I feel like my face were screaming for help. Haha yeah sounds exaggerating but seriously, my skin condition was SO BAD! 

WECOMED has two branches - One @ Taman Century Garden and another one @ Taman Mount Austin. This time round, I went to the one in Mount Austin. In future I shall visit the one in Century Garden :D [ Location + Details at the end of this post ]

Their signboard is very bright with that bold blue colour, so it's very easy to spot them!

The counter that you'll see the moment you step in. 
People working there are so friendly and helpful! :D

As I mentioned above that WECOMED uses the CLAPS treatment which stands for Combined Light and Aqua Peeling System. With just 30 minutes, you'll be able to walk out with your skin feeling refreshed without PEELING and MASSAGING, absolutely SAFE. Which also stands for Superb, Affordable, Fast and Effective in WECOMED

So before you start, a form will be given to you to write down your details as well as to explain the whole process of the facial treatment. 

To be honest, I was pretty nervous although it's just facial but I was pretty happy with the result. XD 

Before starting the facial, we need to clean our faces and sanitize our hands at the DIY cleansing area!

A cleansing wipe like this will be given to you which looks like a pill. This was soaked into the cleansing solution for about 1 minute and it'll open up since it's compressed. 

The sanitizer used for our hands!

Use the cleansing towel and wipe your face thoroughly and you'll be given a headband to wear throughout the process (like the one I'm wearing in the picture!)

Here standing at the "Photography" area taking a picture of my face before facial! 

In total, there are four steps (CLAPS treatment) throughout the facial and these two are the machines used! 

See the four bottles of liquids in different colours? Four of them are used for different purposes which is pigments, aging, sensitivity and acne. As for me, I was told that I needed the pigment one. 

First step is Aqua Peeling - which helps in exfoliating your skin, promotes skin cell renewal and promote absorption of Ampure.

This part is when they'll remove all the dirts from your face, and blackheads which I needed it so badly!!! This was pretty comfortable for me because I felt the feeling of the dirts being sucked up from my nose plus I had a lot of it. Of course, with one session you will not be able to remove all of it but most of it will be gone after this process. 

Second step which is CPL - Cyro-Pulsed Light where this step is to refine pores, lighten dark spots and alleviate skin inflammation :D 

Left picture - Cooling gel applied on face before they start on the process as this light process to process skin from direct heat. Which explains the cloth on my eyes as well! 
Right picture - I was told that it was gonna be slightly warm/hot when the CPL process is on-going. I actually like this part the most because the metal bars itself is really cold like ice, and the heat that radiated is very minimal. 

Third step which is DDW - Deep Dermal Wave, This serves for skin lifting purposes, firms up your skin and achieve V-shaped face (Everyone wants V-shaped face okay!) 

The cooling gel is wiped off after this step for the next step, disclaiming since the gel is not really visible here. XD Oh, and DDW promotes collagen to create a fairer and refined skin.

 Fourth step - Ultrasound 

That bottle of liquid used is called the Sensi-Calm Serum - calming serum which promotes the absorption of nutrients into the skin. This process helps in reducing the formation of wrinkles, hence looking younger! ;)

After the four steps, you'll been given a Hylaronic mask that you have to put on for 15 minutes.

This step is mandatory because it keeps your skin well hydrated after the facial. Then you'll proceed to the waiting room for 15 minutes! :D 

Mask selfie with Carinn XD 
Credits to : Carinn

After 15 minutes of mask, then you'll be given a Skincare Buffet to pamper your skin! They have a variety of different skincare products and choose the one that goes best with your skin! 

For aging, pigment, acne, and sensitive skin, all four types are given different products to try since they are all four different skin types.

For my pigment skin type, these are the products that I tried! :D

Before & After - different right? XD
Really felt very comfortable after the facial, with my face condition fixed and refined. Thank you WECOMED!

A pack of Soothing Gel Pack (upper left) and Regenerating Cream (bottom left) will be given after every facial treatment to keep your skin moisturised after facial. We were advised to apply mask after facial as after treatment our skin tend to be a little dry, so mask would help to hydrate our skin. :) 

Top Right - Thank you WECOMED for the two bottles of full-sized products for my daily use - which I much needed because I was out of face cream as well! :O (Each bottle is priced at RM20-50, and thank you WECOMED for the products!)

And thank you Audrey for taking pictures for me!! :D

All this for only RM23 - What's not to get?! 
Thank you WECOMED for the best first facial treatment ever! 


Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/wecomed
Official Website : www.wecomed-skin.com

WECOMED Skin Centre @ Taman Mount Austin, JB
G07, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100, Johor Bahru,
Tel : +6012-7640955

WECOMED Skin Centre @ Taman Century Garden, JB
174, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, 
Taman Century Garden, 
80250, Johor Bahru,
Tel : +6012-7340955

(Other outlets : Taman Sutera and Kulai coming soon!)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Edlyn :)

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