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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Been blogging mostly about facials and treatment nowadays, it's time to blog about something which you can actually pamper your face even when you're at home! (Well, when you feel lazy occasionally but your face is yelping for help lol..)

So, I was introduced by iQueen of this brand called Sexylook! It sounds new to me, but then of course, it's a brand that has been on the market for a very long time. 
Sexylook has a wide range of masks and cleanser sets for you to choose from and as for today, I am going to review two products from Sexylook - Coffee Bean Blackhead Pore Cleanser Set and Sexylook Superior Black Masks (with neck). 

I've been wanting to try out blackhead pore cleanser set and Sexylook is this the very first one that I've tried so here goes!

Sexylook - Coffee Bean Blackhead Pore Cleanser Set
 Look at the cute packaging!

Hahahhaa the coffee bean -.-

This Sexylook Coffee Bean Blackhead Pore Cleanser Set consists of three doses/steps :

First : Sebum Softener 20ml/bottle
- Arabica coffee extract, yeast extract, rice acid

Second : Blackhead Remover 60ml/bottle
- Arabica coffee extract, Moso bamboo charcoal, German Chamomile Extract 

Third : Shrink Toner 20ml/bottle
- Arabica coffee extract, peppermint leaf extract, witch hazel extract, kiwi extract and vitamin B3

Methods on using :

1st Step - 

After cleansing, dispense a proper sufficient amount and massage it on your nose/certain area. This step is to soften the acnes and blackheads for easy removal

2nd Step - 

After the acne has softened, apply the second dose which is the blackhead remover. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes until it has completely dried up then remove it after that.

 The texture!

 Okay I don't know how people can actually take glam pictures when they take pictures of them applying blackhead masks. Lol but here's mine. XD

I would say, it really does smell like coffee HAHAHAHA WHICH I LOVE! The coffee bean smell is really fragrant and it's not weird at all. Since you know, I thought it might be weird since it's coffee on nose O.O but really love the smell of it!

After 20 minutes, the mask dried up and you are suppose to peel it off. I find this unique because even when it dried up, the texture of it is still very smooth when you peel it. 

Sorry this one a bit gross :X but yeah some blackheads came off but I think I have too much of blackheads, it didn't came off completely. So I guess I'll just have to use it often!

3rd Step - 

Apply third dose. Dispense sufficient amount and pat on your nose. This step is to refine pores, restore skin fairness and keep skin healthy and hydrated. 

It says "Cooling" on it, suppose to close pores after the treatment! 

In my opinion, I would say that it worked for me, but not completely off. I had some results with it at least but I would suggest to put on the blackhead mask a little bit longer (second step) and I guess the result would be even more obvious! 

Sexylook Coffee Bean Blackhead Pore Cleanser Set is available @ iQueen for RM29 ONLY!

On that night itself, tried out the Sexylook Superior Masks [with neck]
This series consists of three types : Superior Moisturising Black Mask, Superior Brightening Black Mask and Superior Hydrating Black Mask. 

 Pink - Brightening
Yellow - Moisturizing
Blue - Hydrating

 So I tried the Sexylook Superior Hydrating Black Mask this time (mandatory selfie lol)

 See some gold flakes on top of it? O.O

 What's so special about this Sexylook mask is that it has a layer to hydrate your neck too! Which most masks don't have it right? Sometimes we pamper too much on our face, we tend to neglect that our neck needs some nutrients as well. 

 This particular mask smells SO NICE I really like it! 

And fair enough, it really hydrates my face and since I have really dry skin, this mask is perfect for me! :D

These masks are available @ iQueen and you'll be entitled to 20% discount! :D You can even purchase it separately or in boxes. Click here to see the full page :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! :D

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