Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hello 2015! And I am here blogging about my 2014's KL Trip with Gin. Procrastinator forever and always. -_-

Honestly I enjoyed SO MUCH this trip. Just 4 days and I sincerely love all the places I've been and thank you Shin Gin for bringing me around PLUS providing me a place to stay at your house T-T So lucky and blessed. 

Shall update one by one on the cafes and place I visited with Gin in KL, seems better if I blog it one by one! 

(First day - 4th December 2014)
Arrived KL central around 12+ and really felt SO bad that Shin Gin and her brother sat LRT all the way from their house just to fetch me back to their place again, but thank you so much if not I would've went missing if I were to go there myself. 

Changed clothes and headed out to VCR. Funny thing was we sat LRT to Times Square and sat taxi to VCR but the uncle lost his way so we ended up walking to VCR from the police station. 

The whole time we were spontaneously taking ootds by the road because every angle of the area seems to be perfect for pictures hahaha!!
* walks * " Eh here like very good for ootd leh! Faster take out your camera! " And this went on till we reached VCR. XD 

 Tadaaaaa how it looks like from the outside. 

 It's all good!

The walkway, very romantic like that hor. Hahahaha

 So at first, I didn't find this anyhow special.. 

 ... Till i got a closer look at it and saw a cat sleeping on the block. XD

VCR looks really nice from the outside and when you walk in, you can smell the aroma of the coffee in the air which is really nice and has that homey feeling. 

So Gin and I decided to sit upstairs (because better lighting and cooler lol) 

 Types your name on the receipt which I don't know what for o_o 

 Lai don't say I didn't share wifi password lolol 

While waiting for our food :D 

 Waffles, Black Velvet, Flat White, Mocha

Major love to the potato waffles at first slice, but when it comes to the third slice I felt pretty sick about it. For poached egg lovers, I guess this would be perfect? :)

Up till now I still cannot stand the sight of mushrooms and raw eggs because I had too much of it from this visit XD But hey, it's not that it's horrible. It's freaking DELICIOUS but would've loved it if I shared that with few more friends!

Closer shot of the waffles

I ordered Mocha and Gin ordered Flat White. I personally love my drink because.. I love Mocha. Plus you don't get Mocha is such a big cup anymore, perhaps I'm just greedy lol. But Mocha was really nice for me and Gin agreed! 
Gin's Flat White was not bad as well!! 

As for the cake, we had too much of the waffles and we couldn't finish the black velvet but it was really nice!! I've never seen a black velvet before (jakun mah) but I really love this cake. Wanted to try other cakes too but we were too full T-T

Upstairs! On the right side is the balcony, you can choose to sit outside if it's too cold inside. 

But for us, it was suitable for OOTDs #girlsbeinggirls

The stairs - featuring Gin walking down.

How it looks from the inside. 

 Menu at the counter. 

The receipt of the food we ate. 
Actually it's pretty reasonable, plus everything was in a pretty big portion (especially the waffles) Plus, no tax! :D

Address :
2, Jalan Galloway, 
Kuala Lumpur, 50150 

Facebook : www.facebook.com/vcr.my 

"Eh go stand beside the board I take picture for you"

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! xx


  1. The waffle looks so tempting!!! >< Nice photos btw! :D

    1. It is really yummy! But too much for me :O Thank you!! :D


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