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Friday, 12 September 2014

Hello everyone 

I couldn't be more grateful to Natta Cosme for always sending their love with the amazing parcels of the best products! I always wait for the parcels like a little girl at home because I really do anticipate for the products Natta Cosme sends over. Hehehehe. 

Then again, I love receiving parcels!

Previously, I've reviewed Miss Hana Eyeliner Stardust Series which you can get it also from Natta Cosme for RM24.90.

Click here to read about Miss Hana Eyeliner!

Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon sounds pretty new to me as I've heard not much about this product before. Miss Hana, yes. But lip balm crayon? How does lip balm crayon function?

Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon keeps your lips moisturized, especially when you have dry, chapped lips or when you're in an air-conditioned place for most of the time. You get to repair your dry and damaged lips when you have amazing colours on your lips, what's not to get!

This lip crayon consists of Rose Hip Oil, Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamin D! 

There are 5 colours for you to choose from :
01 Purple Sakura
02 New York Uptown Pink Girl
03 Orange Twilight
04 Peach Champs Elysees
05 Moulin Rouge Diva

As for me, I'm going to review on two colours which is 01 Purple Sakura and 05 Moulin Rouge Diva

Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon in two different colours!

Trying out on my hand. One looks orange-y and the other one looks pinkish! Although it's purple. 

Left with 05 Moulin Rouge Diva and Right with 01 Purple Sakura

I prefer 05 Moulin Rouge Diva, the colour is just right for my skin tone and the colour is not to bright and vibrant. I like 01 Purple Sakura too!  

My own opinion towards the Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon ;

1. This lip balm crayon smells very nice, a sweet candy scent? For me, I'm pretty sensitive to scent/fragrance and the sweet scent of this lip balm crayon is still acceptable. 

2. It moisturises my lips instantly, but not greasy oily feel. 

3. I love how applicable and removable it is! It's really easy to apply and I like how easy it is to remove!

- Some people say if it's easy to remove then it's not a good lip balm crayon? I personally find it awesome because there's no mess when I try to remove it. Plus, the colour actually stays unless you use makeup remover wipes? Usually, when I apply lip balm I would let the colour stay and dry a little before I wipe off a little, same goes for lip balm crayon! It's a habit XD

Price : RM35.00 (R.P RM39.00) For a price like this, I would say it's pretty reasonable. 

Good news of this Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon ;

Simply key in  "MHSHARP" and you are entitled to get one Miss Hana Sharpener worth RM15.90 from your purchase FOR FREE!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!


Till then, 
Edlyn :) 


  1. Ohh these colours look very cute! :3
    I have not tried Miss Hana brand before! C:

    1. Miss Hana is good! You should try it. I love their liquid eyeliner, and this lip crayon is my current fave. :)


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