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Friday, 12 September 2014

Hello everyone 

As most of you may have heard of this website called Shopbop where they sell high end apparels and accesories for both women and men. To know more about Shopbop, please refer to this post that I've written regarding Shopbop! :) [ click here ]

So.. I decided to purchase on something from Shopbop, as everything displayed on their website are all so eye-catching in addition to get something for mom's birthday this month. She's been scrolling Shopbop ever since she knew about this website, so there's DEFINITELY something that caught her attention and something she really wants. 
She has been looking at this really nice Michael Kors bag for a really long time. So, I'm taking this opportunity to pamper her this year with a lovely leather bag since I don't think so I've ever bought something really nice for her.. (I'm a bad daughter T-T)

Okay, sorry for being too draggy! Here's the method on purchasing in Shopbop! You need to follow step-by-step, just in case you leave out some details when you purchase :)

1 : Create an account on
If you've done this step, you are most probably done with browsing for awhile to start buying now? But of course, this is essential. 

2 : Click into the link that you wish to purchase

So here's the very first step. I chose this Michael Kors' Selma Medium Messenger Bag that my mom has been eyeing on for a really long time! See the ADD TO CART button at the side? Click to the link that you wish to purchase....

Then something like this will pop out!

This page is to ask if you're ready to checkout or to continue shopping!
It is also stated there that the item will be reserved in the cart for 30 minutes and after that time, the item will still remain in your cart, but the availability cannot be guaranteed. So do take note of this!

3 : Check your selected items

If you've clicked on "Checkout" at the previous step, this would be the page that pops out after that. To check your list and the amount of items that you are purchasing. If you're okay with the list, click checkout again!
If you do not wish to purchase certain item this time (if you happen to have a few items in your cart) OR you wish to purchase them next time, move them to the wish list so you'll be able to find the links easily. Just click on to the "Move to Wish List" button below the item you've chosen. So hassle-free!

4 : Choose an address and shipping method

 Then, it will bring to this page where you write down your mailing details and shipping method. I chose the first shipping method as it was marked as "Recommended" by Shopbop. 
I would prefer this method as well because if I would rather pay the import fees beforehand. There might be extra charge if they were to send it over here? That's how I feel. Plus, they provide customs and duties refund IF the actual fees are lesser than the deposit money. :O

They do not charge import fees on every items. Certain items they will not charge any import fees so it does depends on which brand you are purchasing. They're only charging 10% of the price of purchase as import fees. For example, I bought a Michael Kors' bag worth $225, so the import fees charged was $22.50!

The other half part of the page.
As you can see the subtotal is clearly stated there with the addition of import fees deposit and shipping fees. Click Continue to proceed to the next time!

5 : Recheck your purchase / Payment (The very last step!) 

This is where you've reached the very last step to purchasing your items! 
Add any gift certificates that you have and add your credit card number for easy payment. Don't worry, Shopbop is an entrusted website and this step is definitely safe. (Disclaiming first just in case)


You'll receive a confirmation email by this time, then you'll receive an email when they've shipped your account!

I purchased my bag on 7th September (Sunday) at night, I received an email from Shopbop with my purchasing number.

8th September 5.42 am, Shopbop emailed to inform me that my item has been shipped!

On 11th September 2.00 pm, THE PARCEL HAS ARRIVED.
What?! Seriously?! This is even faster than lightning/cheetah/every fast moving objects that you could think of!! Exaggerating but come on, Shopbop's delivery is amazingly FAST. 

Within 4 days, I've received the bag. 

I totally DID NOT expect the bag to reach so early (I guessed 7 days or more?) as it was shipped from the US. 

Here's the tracking details to prove it :

Amazing, right????
(Even the bag has travelled to more places than I did)

Not to mention that the parcel was perfectly wrapped with papers in a HARD COVER BOX (Will go on further in the next post on unboxing!), with receipt and a thank you note from Shopbop!

I was so elated to receive the parcel! Shopbop truly amazed me with their user-friendly website, whether if it's to browse or purchase. I love the entire package given! Thank you for making shopping a whole lot easier!

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you've enjoyed reading this and have fun shopping at! 

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Stay tuned for the next post on unboxing the parcel! xx

Till then,

Edlyn :)

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  1. Hello, I want to ask whether Shopbop had request you a copy of your credit card and id? I'm a bit skeptical on this :/


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