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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

米 Mi Powerbank Review

Hello everyone

As most of you may have heard of this brand called XiaoMi, which is a very popular brand for their phones and powerbank. (And I happen to be their user, for both phone and powerbank)
So today I would like to show you XiaoMi's Powerbank as I can say, it's a really "laku" and awesome product so no harm sharing!

I classmate had to snatch order online at 12p.m. sharp that day in class (hardcore people lol) and he actually got it!!!! It's really tough to grab from the website just like that because 1 minute late, your chance of buying it is gone. Hahaha that's how crazy and scary it is!

I love the colour of the powerbank as it is aluminium textured surface PLUS it's water and corrosion resistant! But someone who is as clumsy as me need to take extra care for the powerbank so it doesn't get scratched.

XiaoMi Powerbank's function.

It is very user friendly, plus Mi Powerbank automatically adjusts its output based on connected device. When you plug in your phone to the powerbank, it connects automatically and offs itself when you unplug it!

The indicator shows four lights. Press the on button and it will show the remaining battery left in the powerbank. 

Personal thoughts on this Xiao Mi Powerbank :
Initially I didn't want to try any powerbanks on my phone because I believe it will just make my phone spoil even faster. (Was using Samsung Note 1) but I really wanted to try this powerbank as I heard a LOT of positive feedbacks regarding it.

And i got to say, I give this Xiao Mi Powerbank a thumbs up as well! 

Sometimes my phone takes hours to charge (100%) and surprisingly, Xiao Mi Powerbank charges my phone even faster than the normal charger. I'm not sure how but it's true! Usually my phone takes hours to charge, sometimes not even fully charged.

The very first time using this powerbank, it actually charged my phone from 20% to 50% like, 20 minutes? Less than that. I was SUPER AMAZED by that!! I remember charging it at 5, and by 6 it's almost fully charged! :D I'm not sure about other phones but this totally worked for me. 

But I've changed my phone to RedMi Note (Xiao Mi supporter hahaha), I've not tried charging it with Xiao Mi Powerbank because my phone's battery lasts really long as well hahahaha okay promoting like mad but seriously, I love phones with long battery lifespan!!!!!!

I was having major doubts on this brand because my first thought was "Yameh so geng meh? Combination of everything? Confirm 1 week gone case." But I've been using this powerbank for 2 months or so, still working fine and perfect! So never judge by appearance..

Which is not true as well because the exterior design is rather unique but you need extra care for that. For example, carrying it in a small bag so it doesn't scratch.

The ONLY negative thing that I could think of this Xiao Mi Powerbank is the weight. It's rather heavy for a powerbank but I think that's one very very minor problem. 

RM36 for a long-lasting powerbank that charges my phone 4 times (100%) is definitely worth the money, don't you think so?

Most of my classmates are using Xiao Mi Powerbank, and they literally "grab" from the XiaoMi website every Tuesday, 12.00 pm. If you log in by 12.01pm, everything will be gone by then. That's how insanely popular Xiao Mi Powerbank is!!!

So far after using it for 2/3 months, I'm really satisfied with this purchase. My very first powerbank so let's see how long it'll last. Hopefully 3 years? (HOPEfully)

If you wish to purchase this Xiao Mi Powerbank, 

Create an account at and like their Facebook page to be updated with the amount of stocks that they are putting up for grabs! Every Tuesday, 12.00 pm SHARP. 

This is advertorial or whatever, just thought of sharing this review because I really love my powerbank! Hahahaha. 

Next review, RedMi Note/ 红米 Note!

Till next time,
Edlyn :)



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