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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hello everyone 

Today I would like to talk about this amazing product, Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner ; Stardust Series!

Been wanting to get this from Natta Cosme , but thank you for giving me a chance to review about it!

As this is the Stardust Series, I've been given 02 Galaxy Black and 04 Golden Brown for review but Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner comes in four different shades,

01 Night Black
02 Galaxy Black
03 Choco Brown 
04 Golden Brown

Pardon my vanity~

Have you ever heard that just by applying eyeliner could make a woman look more outstanding and gorgeously looking? No doubt, eyeliner plays a big role in bringing a woman's day brighter! 

I was told that Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner is : 
Waterproof removable - anti-sweat, anti-tears and oil
Gelatinous texture (means having a jellylike consistency)
and also Rich and extreme colour

I did three tests on this gel eyeliner, which is Waterproof Test, Rub Test and Oil Test so you get a clearer view of this eyeliner, and the result I got was amazing!!!!!!!

Most people seek for good quality and smudge proof eyeliners because you don't want to end up looking like a emo kid/ or having cracked eyeliners after one whole day not realising it. So hopefully this post clears all your doubts and trust fully on Miss Hand Gel Eyeliner's capability! :D

This is how it looks like under the sunlight! 
Galaxy Black above, and Golden Brown below :3
See? It gives a shimmering glittery texture making your eyes glow, looking enthralling and amazing! 

(Don't be shocked to see pictures moving, it's just gifs hahahahaha)
Okay now..........

First Test : Is it really WATERPROOF?


I tried rubbing it off while washing it, the glitters stay intact and nothing came off! Even after wiping my hand dry with towel, still nothing off. Sorry mom for increasing your water bill ._. Haha but this test was totally worth it! Never knew that this eyeliner would be this waterproof because I assumed most gel eyeliners would smudge, but Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner proved me wrong!

Second Test : Rub Test

I applied more after that to show the effect even better. I let it set for only a minute, no matter how many times I tried rubbing it off (even with wet tissue), only a tiny bit of the glitter came off! As for the colour, still strong and heavy and this was what amazed me!

Third Test : Oil Test

For this test, I used Johnson's Baby Oil!

 Dab abit on the eyeliner.....

 Then try rubbing it off...............

To my dismay it did wear off a little.... But it was because I applied quite alot of baby oil on it as well. I mean, no one will have eyelines as oily as much as i applied on the eyeliners. Right right? Which is a good thing that it came off as well, because baby oil acts as makeup remover. So which means, it is easy to wash off if you want to remove it! 

So these are the three tests I did! :D

And this how it looks like before and after applying :

For 02 Galaxy Black ;

Before // After 

For 04 Golden Brown ;

Before // After

Based on my personal opinion, Galaxy Black stands out more than Golden Brown, where Golden Brown goes for natural looking eyes! Either ways, Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner is VERY APPLICABLE and highly recommend for beginners (like me) and people who prefer a hassle-free way to apply eyeliner because this eyeliner does not smudge, hence no mess! :D

Even Patches the bunny uses Miss Hana Get Eyeliner to get the smokey eyes look! 

Hahahaha just kidding. :3

With smudge-proof and waterproof function, you can get it from Natta Cosme for the price of RM24.90  ONLY! (RP: RM34.90)
It's hard to find good eyeliners with such affordable price like this, and this one good eyeliner that I would be more than glad to recommend! 


During this month of Ramadhan, Natta Cosme will be having 20% off Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner!
Key in "MHES 20" during purchasement and you'll get your offer! :D 


For more information, do not hesistate to contact them! 

Natta Cosme's Facebook page:
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Natta Cosme's E-mail:

Ending this post with my face muahahahaha.
And hope you enjoyed reading this post! :)
Till then,

Edlyn :)

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