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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hello everyone!

Now, the title of the post may sound abit confusing....
But yes, do you love designers? Let's say that you do (Because most girls love it!) But it's hard to find one with affordable prices AND stylish right?!
That's why most of my clothes are from a very cheap online store because I'm a very thrifty (actually stingy) person to buy branded goods because most of it are too pricey!

But... Most of the time you'll expect more. Right girls? (Let's just assume you agree with me!)
Therefore, Shopbop is one website that I totally craze for now, even when I'm just browsing I feel like buying everything! Literally from bags to dresses, shoes to accesories, belts, necklaces, sunglasses.....

So this is how the homepage looks like!
As you can see on top of the page "Shopbop" and "East Dane"!
Shopbop - apparels for ladies, and East Dane - for men! 

A little information about Shopbob

Shopbob is launched in year 2000, which they are a modestly sized online boutique for both women and men, and have become one of the leading fashion retailers in the world. 
Shopbop offers a comprehensive collection of designer apparel and accessories to suit every style and occasion.
Shopbop has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle!
In Year 2006, Shopbop was acquired by, the world's largest internet retailer, and by that, Shopbop has been enabled to expand its services to enhance the customer experience.

You would be stunned by the list of branded goods they have.
My mom and sis went crazy over the limited edition Rebecca Minkoff bags. 

Check out all the brands they have
 >> here << 

I'm more to bags when I surf online, but I've been browsing through the dresses sections and I felt like buying almost every piece of it! Everything on Shopbop looks too nice to buy and I'm tempted hence making decisions tough to make. AHHHHHHHHHHH

I clicked in to the "BAGS" section and clicked "Shop All". As you can see, the list of the types of bags they have are all at the sidebar for easy access! As usual, I'll sort the bags by price from Low to High. I guess I'm just used to doing that! 

The lowest prices are mostly adorable pouchs and purses and I fancied a few. Been getting to get one for myself but I have too many in mind! I would be grateful if you could help me decide on which one to get, because there's too many for me to decide!

Simple and cute looking pouch like that caught my attention, 
not to mention the awesome blue base colour!

Colour : Freesia
So should I save for manicure or brunch? XD
Two different colours, with two different meanings. 
I personally prefer Brunch Money because food is more important (for me) 
plus the colour is practical and lovely.
What do you think?

This vintage brown coloured satchel is easy to match with any clothes at any events. 
Birthdays, dinners, parties and so on. 
It's a very common and simple coloured bag but 
this was the very first bag that caught my attention. 

This Mini Classic Satchel comes in assorted colours

Fluoro Pink and Fluoro Yellow - $205.00
Fluoro Orange and Fluoro Green - $123.00

There are more than just 5 colours for this design. Here's a list of the colours they have! 

Then I came across this super adorable pouch.............

Isn't this adorable? To have sushi images on your pouch, making everyone hungry. 
It has a wristlet zip pull and brocade-lined interior with pocket! 

Then I started browsing the dresses sections as well, and once I browse I can't stop! Love all the dresses displayed so I started choosing for myself as well....
I prefer simple, monotone coloured dress OR floral. (I'm confusing I know) So..

The floral print that brings feminine charm to this fit-and-flare feeling. 
With the flattering shoulder cutouts that show peeks of skin with hidden back zip!

Guipure lace details the cap sleeves and cutout back panel, 
with hidden-zip and 2-snap closures! A simple refined dress perfect for formal or events!

Found this very simple and lovely dress.
It's a figure-hugging dress with contrast colour between the top and skirt,
with a banding at the scoop neckline!

I have alot more in mind, but I picked out a few simple ones to post it here because I really love simple and nice cutting dress, simple bags that would bring out an unique fashion. If you would like to search for nicer branded clothes, you may do so at now!

Trust me, you will go bonkers at the number of sales and beautiful things they have in Shopbop.
PLUS! If you would like to save the links that you browse (If you think you might be buying it in future), there's a like it "" button where you can save all the things you have browsed and you want, then you can easily access them back by clicking the !

For more enquiries // information :

Website : 

Twitter :

Blog : 

Google Plus :

Will be shopping at soon, so hopefully I get to make up my mind and narrow down the things I want to a smaller range. *fingers crossed* I would be grateful if you kindly comment which bag/dress that you would prefer, that might just make my job to pick a whole lot easier! Thank you. :) 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Till then, 

Edlyn :)

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