Eventful March ; Results Day ; LeeHom in Genting

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Been a long time since I've updated, totally forgotten I've changed my header to my big retarded sad face. Hehehehe.
March was really eventful, blessed and I'm grateful. 

HENG AH for me to get my parcel for the "I'm a typical Malaysian LAH!" tshirts before going back to JB. Hehehehe they look awesome. After four days of waiting. Thankyou Justin for the tshirts! :)
First day back in JB, thank you to that silly boy for fetching me from the bus station! :) It was really very annoying for those random passerbys to go "Amoi cantik eh" with a crooked smile while waiting there. It's really creepy and scary especially when you're alone. Wonder when they will actually upgrade like TBS. Let's just hope for it. -__-

My typical Malaysian shirt! :)
Available in various colours and cuttings/sizes!
RM20 excluding postage~

Why am I advertising ah. Okay. Anyway, interested just follow @typicalmsian on Twitter and ask? Heh.

Movie date at night in KSL. Warm Bodies is hilarious, sweet, romantic, saddening. I don't know. Nicholas Hoult is so hot as a zombie. He looks even hotter without make up. ♥♥ Love this movie!
And there's this new restaurant opened beside Kinsahi in KSL. Good service but food's okok, there's free Wifi and free flow of drinks and ice cream! Enough alr la right lololol go check it outtt!

Nicholas Hoult why are you so perfect as a zombie. .

Skyped with Ling at night before going to bed! As usual, kept shouting here and there with retarded faces. I have awesome friends MUAHAHAHA.

Woke up pretty early, was suppose to Skype with Yiling again to decide what to wear but both of us were too tired and lazy to wear nice nice hehehe. End up wearing tshirt and shorts out. 
Taxi with Yiling to Sunway, the whole journey there we were just talking about Wang Lee Hom hehehehe and the "naked" guy actor that YL mentions to us all the time. Haiyo ling ah stop looking at his butt lah!

Bought McD for the assholes and sat in Sunway's courtyard aimlessly waiting for them. Won't stop saying, it's really like high school all over again being in Sunway. You'll get to meet almost all the tuition friends/school mates there. Quite a good thing also lah.
Luolin and Celine so blur, stared at us and came running and shouting after that. HAHAHAHA. 

Celine ; Shalinn

Colleen ; Yi Ling

Grasshopper ; Second grasshopper

We sho pweety hao ah.

The braces batman partner, Jiayan!

Had a nice afternoon with them before leaving, had blackball with Luolin, Celine and Yiling. Missed how we always gossip bout hot guys.. Ooops HAHAHAHA. Took Lynette's ID card to go from the back door and it worked. Wah not bad sia.
Walked back to Sunway, Celine and LL had to go back to class. So Ling and I continued gossiping. Cannot ah we girls leh. 

Off I went to Kota Tinggi monastery with the worm! 

The clouds were so pweety that day.

Haiyo so calming lah, but alot of mosquitoes.

Walked around the place but was feeding the mosquitoes actually. Prayed and went home. :3

The sunset in Danga Bay. :)

Thank you Wormie Chan for trying to calm me down before results day!
Eh Wormie really too suitable for you. Haahahaha.

Went home and off to bed. Didn't even bother to check twitter or facebook. 
Oh but did talked to the ganchiong girls before going to bed. Too exhausted I didn't even wanna bother about the next day. 

21/3/2013 ; Ganchiong day for the '95s
Woke up pretty early because I had to go school earlier that day. Not sure if it was a right decision but I was calm the whole time. Fetched ling and fang and off the school. Ling so nervous, kept walking around with Shalinn after that while Yifang and I just sat there calmly being hungry. I think the sunset and cooling weather the previous day made me calmed. Hehehehe.
Walked around the school after that cause everyone ganchiong already. Met my beloved teachers and the new padang indoor court. Walaooo why we no have that privilege that time. I also wanna march in indoor court than under the hot sun leh!!
Walked back to the bookshop, met Megan outside the hall and we screamed like we haven't met each other for years (months also equivalent to years ok) hugged and spinned while jumping. 
I dont know where I went after that, office I think. Met Siew Siew and Gaile was in the office enjoying the aircon while Puan Lee was inside. 
Teacher went : "I'm a typical Malaysian LAH!" Nice shirt!
Strolled around the school again, imagine how early I went to school omg.
Everyone arrived, grabbed a bite at canteen after that. Why the construction so long one, it's been so long since the canteen is the carpack. Kesiann our juniors.

 Lingling was being nervous but she act cool elehhh.

We were starving.

Nan peng you! :3


 Mae : "This one so fake lor we where got look so innocent one"

Fang Fang

Ling Ling


Typical siao Megan



Was told to go back to the hall but I don't know who heard it from who, end up all of us went to choir room and sibeh ganchiong la everyone. But main point was to enjoy air con and all, while i was trying to make everyone take pictures. HEHEHEHE

Met Shalinn again in choir room!

Us! It's been a long time. 

Few minutes was called out to the hall, then everyone started crying. Okay lor Michelle and I was just... There being normal. Michelle to Yifang : Next time don't be like us, mei you yong de. HAHAHAHA APA NI. I don't get why they were crying. Crazy bitches ^ picture above, all of them got straight As! Congrats to my beeches HEHEHEHE all crazy clever people.
And like duhh I didn't get straight As but it was better than I really expected, didn't even bother crying cause come on 6As also not bad alr lor HAHAHA *self appraisal* 
Cause as people know, I'm not the clever type. I'm more the, stupid lazy type in the past. But thank god I had a much better results than I expected. What more to ask for? I don't care if anybody's gonna judge my grades in their mind but oh well. I know I did my best. But thank you to those who congratulated me and was proud of me. Thankyou.  Was feeling really happy that day. Congratulations to everyone for getting their results. Regardless As or without, any result is a good result. "SPM is just a small test in life, real test is how you overcome obstacles in life." Something like that, but true mah rightttt. 

My pretty pretty maths teacher, Puan Lee!

Another group pic before leaving school! :)

Thank you Puan Tarifah for giving me a RM30 angpow as a reward, Puan Noraini's keychain and the Grease button badge (thanks myself cause I bought it) 
After that, lunch and outing with the girls! Mae went missing after that BEECHHHH jk love you muah.
Summer with them after a really long time, feels like it was high school all over again. Everything in Summer changed especially the price. Cannot ah we damn aunty one why you increase price you tell me lah?! Still yummy as ever though, so didn't really complain anything after that hehehe.


Another group pic and VYONG WHAT YOU DOING LA.
(And i think i ter-focus myself sorry)

Kay sorry HAHAHAHAHA off we went to Cotton On after that!
All of us just, took all the clothes and tried and didn't buy a single thing except ling and ll. 
Typical us.


Okay I'm perasan till the extend of this. Sorry muahahahhahaa.

Whole time Meg and I were shouting "Starbucks! Cheesecake!" till we reach Starbucks but we didn't even bought the cake. We damn fail la Megan hahahahaha. Thankyou Michelle for the treat and anniversary present. Thoughtful girl! Love you so much 
Meg suggested to go karaoke, walked to Neway to asked for the price.
Where got compulsory must pay another RM50 just for the tidbits. Not like it's made of gold. It was already expensive enough for one person to pay RM17 just to sing and yet we have to add another 50 bucks to the entire bill. Got so mad and all of us left, because the lady did not tell us beforehand.
Met my sayang, Madi and Athirah outside!

I still find my tshirt awesome. Okay hehehehehehe.

Starbucks after that, and I was laughing at Luolin for being so tall out of sudden cause she was wearing high heels HAHAHAHA KESIAN DIA. Then met Wy and Kev again, they said I'm in the same gang as both of them ask others to go away. AWW WHY SO PESSIMISTIC.
Outside Starbucks ;

Met Ah Yunnn! Told her that her eyes got bigger then she smiled like that haiyo.

In Starbucks, what do you think we'll do? ... Camwhore la duh.

Thank you Michelle Nan Peng You for the treat. Nv Peng You hen ai ni!



Spent the rest of the days being lazy in JB before going back, it's been a month since I was back so either I keep going out or I stay at home. Haiyo so sorry Ahma /: 

Then before going back on Sunday, went to Kota Tinggi Monastery again for praying and offering session.

 Had a walk around the monastery, found two pretty flowers on the floor.

Once again, fed mosquitoes our blood. Had lunch there and it was really scrumptious. 

Two rounds of TF before going back to Muar! 

Seriously everytime when I'm about to go back to Muar, it starts to rain heavily -.- Drenched when I was on the bus. And the scary thing was, met the same guy twice when I was on the Muar. The previous time he sat behind me and this time infront. Kay lor you stalk me or what HAHAH. Was accompanied by gummy bears,  slept uncomfortably the whole journey but oh well..

Mom's leg got better when I was back to Muar. To those who don't know what happened, mom had a fall and had 18 stitches on the left knee. After one week, one side was infected so had to remove stitches, and make it an open wound to let the bad blood flow out. It's been a month and only now I'm blogging this. Bad daughter. ._. But I've been at Muar taking care of her / indon maid for a month. Hehehehe. 

Had to go up to KL to get my Wang Lee Hom tickets! Followed Terry to his college @ The One Academy. Stupid thing was I was trying not be awkward and yet Mae kept texting me bout her scolding the toilet bowl & goddamn hungryyyy.
After 3/4 hours....

Thank you xpax!!!!!!

Okay lor I fatter mah so I bigger space lor HAHAHAHA.

Thankyou Terry for bringing me here and there and fetching to get the tickets. Sang songs with him in car and all went off tune cause we're awesome like that. 
Spent a night in KL, met sis the second day and off we went to Ikea for lunch..
And my first time there SO JAKUN BUT WALAO IKEA SO NICE!!!!

The meatball so yummy but kesiannnn Terry only can see us eat hahahaha.
I wanna buy a bed, comforter and idk lah. Shopping there can make you so indecisive because everything is nice there and you wanna buy everything but no $$ ;_;
Bought the clothes I want after walking to Sungei Wang and all the shopping malls the previous day, can't get the clothes.
Takkan la Cotton On all different sales one mah?! Walked all the way to Sungei Wang Plaza and the shirts were 2 for 80. Who wanna rugi like that.... K so aunty mode sorry hahaha.
Kept grumbling and shouting cause KL jam everywhere so I was to go back to Muar HAHAHAHA KESIAN TERRY SO SORRY.

30/3/2013 ; Lee Hom day in Genting!
Early in the morning woke up to get ready but procrastinated so, left around 12 oclock... I'm so good at estimating time. Reached KL around 3 to fetch my sis and we were late again because sis was late and a goddamn jam. On the way up to Genting, jam again cause there were constructions for the road.. Goddammit of all days and super ganchiong cause thought we were be late for the concert. But damn stupid la we all, since we have the seats what. ...

Forgot what time we reached. But we had to walk up the stairs because the lift's broken. Kesian mom although she was better already. I carried all the bags instead. Super Indon maid okay don't play play.
Checked in hotel, rushed down to makan and OFF WE WENT TO ARENA!

At first we were clueless, where the hell is Arena Galaxy? Asked around and went running here and there. But first try we got it right. Ran down to the themepark cause we thought we were late, padahal we were so damn early. Bought two lightsticks and can you believe how expensive the merchandises were? One shirt for 80, sis bought it since it was the last one. Other cheaper things were sold. Siao one ah why bring so little to sell...

Went in at 7.30, they were giving out free water and FREE FILES. Leehom looks so hot there but sorry, didn't take picture of it. We were super cheapskate, got any free things just take only hehehe. They gave out free lightsticks too but the one we bought was nicer. Star one somemore hor!
Before the concert starts there were some cameras asking the fans to shout for Leehom. Then a guy went "LI HONG WO AI NI!!" Imagine how gay was that.

Lightsticks we bought! Mom said they look like toys for three years old.

When he sang gai shi ying xiong!

This is the very first concert I've been and I can say it will be the best I've been. He said all my favourite songs, Forever Love, Wei Yi, Da Cheng Xiao Ai, Ni Shi Wo Xin Li De Yi Shou Ge, Xin Tiao, Xie Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge, Love Love Love, Duo De Shi Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi, Mei, Gai Bian Zi Ji, Gai Shi Ying Xiong, Shi Er Ge Shen Xiao and many many more.
First song was Huo Li Quan Kai. Super hot can and everytime he sings "Huo li quan.. KAIIIIIII AI AI AI AI AI" then there'll be fireworks already. So high la walao. 

He sang Yi Ran Ai Ni when he asked the fans infront, and ended up recording for his weibo account. Which I don't even know how to use it.
Wo yi ran ai ni huo xu shi ming zhong ju ding~

He saved Kiss Goodbye for the last song cause he said he wanna kiss us all. Since he is very hygenic person he shall send kisses through a song. Haiya not fun one. 
Enjoyed every single moment during the concert. Padahal I don't go crazy over Leehom like my sis but I was the one shouting.
But he is really so charming, good looking and a kind-hearted one. Kind-hearted part was because one part he showed us a video that he went to help out the children in need. So sweet la. 

After the concert, met up with parents and suggested to go Highlands hotel's Starbucks to have hot chocolate. Saw alot people standing there waiting for Leehom to come back. So we stood there just to see but end up malas so went and have hot chocolate instead. Met a puppy Siberian Husky how cute is that?!?!?!
Lee Hom end up also went in from the back door, everyone started shouting and rushed to the back. Dad kepoh to take a look. He told us he saw his hair. HAHAHAHA.

Next day, afternoon went down to KL, spent rest of the day in Ikea again and back to JB.
It was an amazing concert. So grateful to Xpax for giving me the free tickets. Guess I won't be that lucky next year but wish I'll be as lucky *fingers crosses*

Ending this post, FINALLY. With Leehom's pictures I found for the day in the concert!

Forever love.

I forgot what's this already.

Huo li quan KAIIIIII! 

How nice if I was this close. :O

Shall blog bout April Fools next post. 
And goodbye! Have fun reading my crap. Hehehehe.

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