Lazy lazy feeling.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Some days I just feel motivated to do everything "I'm gonna clean the whole house!" "I'm gonna bake chocolate cookies today!" "I'm going to tie-dye my shoes and make a tutorial out of it!" "I'm going to finish reading a storybook and stay motivated the whole day!"
And when some days like this come, you feel happy and excited for everything. Even if you didn't accomplish what you said you will, you still feel somehow motivated and will move forward to make things happen somehow, maybe the next day or day after that.

But somedays like now, "I'm so lazy I'm just gonna sit here all day." "What is walking." "Tell me why walking exists." "No I don't want to do anything go away noooooo" Just feeling really lazy to do anything.
Not really demotivated. Just lazy to move around although you know you wanna do something.
And when my laziness strikes, it goes on for days unless I'm forced to move and walk. And slowly, boredom strikes.

I don't know why I feel this way at times. Like just now, I was trying to make a DIY frog keychain that I bought from Daiso, similar to the donkey one I bought. It was slightly harder cannot deny lah :S It was made from wool and I was suppose to roll it into the ball. I thought I was going to succeed in doing that but end up I failed and I couldn't open up and remake the head of the frog. So bo pian I have to throw everything away.
Then I got lazy and suddenly I'm so motivated to blog just now, then I went on thinking for hours because I have no idea what to blog.

..... And then this blog post happened.

Not good to stay lazy too lah, later all the negativeness starts to conquer my brain again how?! Hehehe

Sometimes when I wish for something to do, I accomplish on that day itself. It's always so fulfiling and joyful to see something done from your own to-do list for the day. But sometimes something gets in the way and I tend to "grab" the chance to be lazy. Haiya cannot. :S

Maybe this post is the remind myself to don't be lazy, and do everything I should do. Then I can rest later on after everything is done, then who cares about you being lazy after that? :O Shall control my laziness from now on, I'm a really really lazy girl T-T

Like I'm suppose to jog every morning. I used to jog every morning lor! Then when I got back to JB for a week, I cannot jog there cause ahma said JB not safe. And when I'm back in Muar, i procrastinate one week to jog. Then i have to go back to JB alr. Forever lah.
Have to find another alternative when I'm back in JB.
Reasons why I'm still fat, number one.

This post is so messy, supposedly that paragraph is for the one up there too. Oh well. Is this a rant I don't know. ._.

After this post I shall be motivated, and occupy myself with things to do. Somehow I think my blog is controlling me.

Blog "Muahahahahaha you shall never escape from me!"

So people, don't be lazy like me. Take me as an example to not be like me. HAHAHAHA
K la byeee. :)

.... And I just saw this picture on Tumblr.


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