April Fools

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hello my favourite month of the year!

First day of April, got back from Muar to JB. Wonder why I have to keep travelling here and there. Whole month of March I've been travelling to and fro JB, Muar, KL. Spent most of my money on bus fare. But also cheaper than toll if go by car so nvm lor lolol.

Reached JB around 1:30. And here's the story;

The night before April, Weiyang told us there will be a small dinner at his house. He invited us for dinner since his dad said it was okay! We were so excited "Yay got food got party I can go meet Max" Even planned till 2/3 am, but I went to sleep at twelve cause too lazy HAHAHA.

The next day Yiling told me to go her house to make sushi for the dinner at night. Didn't manage to help her because no transport and I thought she won't be making it anymore. Until 4 sth, they told us it was a prank. Luckily I didn't come down personally for it, but DAMN YOU WY AND KEVIN. Made Yiling almost cried after that cause she made the sushi for nothing. We got so mad after that but wy apologized and belanja us for dinner -.- Actually it wasn't necessary but oh welllll. HAHAHAHA.
But thank you wy for the dinner!

2nd prank I got was from Kevin, telling me I didn't zip my shorts BUT NOT FOOLED LOR BYE.
3rd one, 
Mae : "What if I told you I was pregnant?" Okay lor i got fooled lor fine lorr

Changing wires and adding rubber for braces hurt like shit. For the sake of straight teeth fml.

Muar tomorrow, back to my eating porridge days.
Shall update again when I feel like it.


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