Pointless post.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Dedicated to the sweetheart! 
Been busy taking care of her mom with her injured leg, and me being an indon maid temporary. I think I'm crazy cause I actually doing housechores at time. *really future housewife in making* But I can't cook nice food. And soon, SPM results are out soon!
SPM results, 20th, 21st, 22nd? 
Makes no difference, it's still coming. Accepting reality, just pray for the best. Never know miracle's going to happen. Not feeling nervous, just scared at times thinking about it. But it's pointless I know. ~.~
Kinda miss JB again, and I shall be back soon. Miss my friends and loved ones there. AND FOOD FOOD FOOD. YAY.

3 years ago.

Last year.
Looking through old pictures and realised how much we've changed (And hotter hahahaha)
Miss you guys! Shall meet up soon!! ♥

Just realised the first picture Mae is missing, second picture Hsiao Han is missing. :O

Pointless post indeed. Goodbye.

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