Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sometimes it's unavoidable to make some changes in your life, no matter how much try not to alter anything.
As for me, place to study?

Pretty undeniable that I'm going to feel weird studying in a totally different place after being in Convent for the past 11 years. Like out of my safe zone already lol. Tell me why Convent don't have college ah hahahaa.
No matter how much I miss Convent, I'm still really excited to study in a new place with new people. 11 years with the same faces everyday, it's time to know more people and explore! :D

I always thought that I would be going to an air-conditioned college then I study there shiok shiok where pretty pretty clothes everyday, padahal I'm going to be spending 1 1/2 years wearing school uniform again.
I'm not disappointed, I'm actually feeling happy and excited to be studying high school again! Makes me feel young too also lor hello :P Plus I don't mind wearing uniform.
STPM wasn't my first choice, in fact it was never in my own list. My stupid brain of mine used to tell me that "Eeyer you have to wake up early in the morning then go for koko and wear ugly uniforms" or "F6 is for people who cannot get in college" before even understanding how good is it to study F6. Too much of monologs alr hahaha.

Actually no lor, F6 also clever people masuk one lor before going NUS/NTU hor.
Of course for people who don't like uniform sure will be like omaigod lah. But it's not the main point for me. Plus it's a safer and stable cert for me to get into uni. It's actually equivalent to A-levels but in Malay??
I know alot of people say it's not as easy as I think. But I believe myself??? :O Okay la I have faith in myself will do.

Plus, not like I won't get to enjoy air-conditioned places to study also lah. I can go shopping malls after school?? Hahahaha. One year plus is a really short period. See, we were form one yst and blink of an eye all of us are in college already!

Hope I will study hard by then and do well for all semesters.
I rested more than enough. Half a year alr leh.

Anyway, good luck to my two beeches who got into poly and to my other friends too for getting into colleges of your choices! Hope you guys have fun there :D


On a very unrelated side of this post, shall talk bout
Last year, I remember creating that account because I was curious and thought it would be fun to answer questions from people anonymously and be curious about it. And yes! It was really fun. To get questions from friends, and friendly anonymous people. 
But then 3/4 days after creating that account, I started getting threatens and really really nasty comments/questions about my personal life. And some just, rude. Really rude.
I was indeed really mad, if I know I did something wrong, I would've admit. But random people shouldn't be accusing me for something out of the blues, pointing fingers at me. It's a sad thing how narrow their mind is to do such despicable thing. I just want to say, just stop bullying people on the net. If it's fun to hurt people's feeling out of your own pleasure, why not try some of your own medicine?
After so many months I'm finally blogging this out. I will say sorry if someone who reads this was actually one of them. Even if you have your reasons to hate me, just tell me what you hate better than just bullying and spouting nonsense everywhere. Thank you. And yes, I know I could've just ignored the questions and just let it be but it's sad to read those questions eventhough I can choose to ignore it and people just need to know there are people like this. ._.

I did disable my account. But.. I find it completely pointless lah. For them, i sacrifice for what?! 

Like this case about bullying ketua kelas in school and they video taped it then uploaded it to Youtube. Lol should we say thanks for uploading it? Seriously, an atrocious, disgraceful act. Can they just stop bullying students already??? Just guai guai and study cannot meh?!?!
What about the other bully cases that they didn't video tape it? They just got beaten up, then go back cry don't dare to tell the parents. And then just let it be and be bullied for the rest of their high school life?
Our education system need to do something about this. 

Just want to voice out something that something must be done to put a halt to all these. 
Sorry for so much of negativeness o_o

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