Monday, 22 April 2013

Gonna be a really naggy long boring post. Sorry hahahaha.
Might as well just blog altogether since I feel like to.
P/s : Pictures are going to be on xlarge mode cause i shuang HAHAHA sorry once again.

12/4/2013 ; Outing dayyy.

Early morning I had to sit bus to JB thanks to that babi hutan Maveen, ajak to go makan bak kut teh.
Reached around 10+ and thanks to the sweetheart for fetching me to Sunway to meet up with the other friends. Kesian Wy, Kev and the other friend which I dont know who, had to sit at the boot under the scorching sun.

Awww look at them HAHAHA

While we girls and Beng, Mav and his friend were enjoying air con inside. Luckily they only had to sit at the back for awhile.
Then offffff we went for bak kut teh after putting them at McD!


My UK makan bro HAIYA WHY YOU GO UK.

Can't believe he was vainer than me. Took like 4 times only he find it okay. Dah lah so hot omg. 
Thank you for fetching us (Me, Ling, Colleen and others) to makan and caused you to get a saman for parking at double yellow line HAHAHAHA remember my bag from uk!
Thanks to him once again, for fetching me to cs. 

Met up with Nana and Crystal after 123456789876543223456789 years ♥ SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS MISSING OR WHAT. I don't remember where we went first, toilet is it?! I clearly remember I went "OMG WO LAI LIAO" super loudly in the toilet cause I was late. Lol i super buay paiseh sorry :X


Walked around the new Cs's Innercity after a long time. Most of the shops are open already, with more new restaurants apparently. Saw this shop with buy one free one drink promotion, three of us were so keen on giving it a try. 

Yeah four cups. ....

Crys kept going "Wah canggih" at my sis's camera that i 'stole' then of course..


Yala yala veh cute la






I don't remember how long we sat there and chat. Just kept talking non-stop and talking back bout Violet having alot suitors HAHAHAHAH awww Viovio zomok you so cute. :3 And then about the gwiyomi dances on youtube. My favourite gwiyomi is from the hold zhu youtuber SHE'S SO FUNNY TBT.

I look like little kid here meh.

One last picture at Shilin with them before Nana goes back.

Then the third meeting up begins. 
Went all the way to FOS with the Yiling, met her halfway up. Met Colleen and Kev there. So much coincidence.
Didnt know so many friends are working in FOS. I wanna work in FOS also leh $$$$$ got discount somemore and nice badges wahhhh.

 We so damn buay paiseh, took pictures outside the toilet too HAHAHAHA.

Colleen laaa give you.

Off for desserts because we were waiting for wy to arrive. Damn it wyyyy!!!!
K la jk hahahahaha. 

 My friends so tie xin, bought me the hot dessert.

This is nicer than Blackball or Snowflake. The taroballs are so chewy and soft. And i love love love hot dessert + worth it. RM5.90 for each bowl i think. So big leh?!?!?!?!
Meet Fresh in Inner City, same floor as Summer. :D
Actually I still think I cari pasal with myself. Cincau has cooling effect, so drink hot got difference meh ._.

Justina and Crys came and look for us then! 

"Wassup Sifu Tiong here to show you some taichi moves"

Yiling is forever taking her close shot of her face.

After 23456789 hours finally Wy came to meet us. Dinner before going back!

At some Japanese restaurant before I leave.

Anddd hot pack and chocolates from the boy. Thank you! 

15/4/2013 ; MY DAY MUAHAHAHA

Actually I slept really early the day before that, so I bit paiseh when my close friends wished me at twelve padahal I slept. .__. But thank you all of you for the wishes. 
My birthday was pretty normal, early in the morning sat bus to Muar. Laze around the house and collected the cake. Marble cheesecake omnomnom and mom added oreo on top. :3 OH AND MY DINNER WAS SCRUMPTIOUS. Who can resist chill crab?!?!


After dinner, off to grandma's house to makan cake.

My birthday cake. 

Wah my face is glowing~~

I'm suppose to post all the screenshots of the messages you guys sent me but then Idk how to collage everything together so...
Thank you to all my friends for being such sweethearts, wishing me and took the effort to type such long messages. I love you guys! 

Thank you mom for giving birth to me, if not I won't even get to celebrate my birthday!
And I appreciate all 70 tweets, 108 fb posts, and 45 messages and pictures. Yes too free so I counted. -__-
Those who sincerely wished, thank you. I'm blessed!

Finally 18 and legal. :D And no friends, I won't go drinking HAHAHA.

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