STPM - First two weeks.

Friday, 24 May 2013

And yes, it's now my turn to blog about Pre-U / High school. Heh.
Finally, after struggling with months trying to apply for Form Six, it was actually just to be patient and wait for the result. I was super mafan for the past few months just because I wanna relocate. Thank you to everyone who helped me through this. :D

Anyway, I got SIGS at first. I think most Convent girls sure get SIGS at first hahaha then of course, relocated to Muar's Dato' Sri Amar Diraja. Sounds pretty ulu to JB friends but actually it's a good school in Muar I guess? Right after Muar High School. Relocated because I moved. Done explaining. ~.~

Okay lor, uniform lor. Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.

With grey skirt. I like lehhh.

Actually it's such a waste of time to have it compulsory to have orientation for two weeks. Almost everyday in school I attempted to take a nap, and sometimes I just doze off whenever a teacher explains something bout school rules and I can't hear a word about it -_-

 And of course, I made new friends. At first I thought I'll be forever alone throughout the whole two weeks of orientation. But thank goodness Convent girls here are friendly too. Plus some other people too of course. 

That aside, one part of the rule that I couldn't accept is that girls are actually forbidden to tuck in their shirts. Yeah, actually I kinda got over it but it still sounds ridiculous when my previous school we had to tuck in so we don't get demerits. Perks of being in a coet school I guess?
My friends said I looked too formal when I actually ignored that rule so I untucked. -_- Okay lah, makes no difference, it's just a shirt.

One week gone, then it was Teacher's Day. Really couldn't get used to it. I ended up reading A Walk To Remember upstairs when they were singing/performing. Cheh act rajin lolol. Missed how we were always so close to teachers, and seniors would pull everyone on stage to sing. Lemon Tree, etc. It's not that I'm comparing, but still it's pretty hard to adapt to a different environment right away after you've been in the same spot for years. :/

Blurry front camera is blurry~ 

One of my fave during the whole orientation, aktiviti riadah for students!
I didn't really hoped much for it as I thought it would be boring and most of us would be reluctant to join netball or futsal but I was the one going so enthu playing netball HAHAHAHAHA *facepalm myself at myself* 
I was jumping and running while we were playing netball. I don't remember playing any proper netball game before this, and sure it was fun. No grudges, just kept laughing whenever we throw the ball into the goal and I don't know why.

Pikachu and Mizz Nina! :3

It was Pika(chu)'s birthday, early in the morning wished her and then kept merajuk-ing with them throughout the day! Hahahaha kesian them to have a friend like me. :3

A decent picture of us while we tried avoiding the sun, sitting under a humongous tree.

Some girls sprained the legs of course, and I was the nice one to buy ice hehehehe self-acclaimed here. But I don't get how some people just ignored me right after that. Not those who sprained their legs though. Dahlah I sit alone there, no one wanted to layan me -.- Then I got so pissed I just took my bag and walked off. Pffft. ._. Like so badass but I walked slowly, no signs of being pissed, throwing tables, hitting people, etc. Just an assumption hahahaha. 

Skips all talks, to the last day.
Last day was, okok? Performances from all group except mine (and idk why), super impromptu so some just sang 1Malaysia songs and get over it. Whereas some played piano and sang, instruments, etc.
Congrats to my friend who won! :) 
A talk from a friend, representing the students of course, was rather interesting. 
Despite all the boring moments I had throughout the orientation, but I had tons of fun. Met new friends and I'm grateful and thankful whatever life has given me.

Last day of school before holidays, went to class! Excited and scared to start classes after holidays already.

One last picture of my friends and I. sitting on the floor while we eat.
And my friend is going to kill me soon, bye.

&Happy Wesak Day! Mine turned out lovely! :) 

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