SNAILWHITE Cleansing {Review}

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Hello! Since previous posts, I have been introducing on how to pamper yourself (body massage, facial kit, etc..) Here's another that every girl needs, an easy MAKEUP REMOVER + CLEANSING!

I am a very VERY lazy person to actually remove makeup thoroughly, which the normal "procedure" is always to wipe it off first, use liquid form makeup remover then cleanser so there won't be any residue left on your face, causing more harm for your skin, for example acne, pigmentation (gasp) and wrinkles. Sometimes you may even need double cleansing when it comes to thick makeup.

I believe most of you may have heard of this product. For me, Snail White is a pretty high end product (in a sense of quality) and I was so excited when I was given a chance to review this!!

SNAILWHITE Cleansing is a new Quick-Cleansing Technology from a high concentrated snail secretion filtrate, which rapidly reaches deep down into pores and thoroughly removes dirt and excess sebum. Other than that, it helps to remove impurities, quickly lifts base makeup and waterproof eye makeup that are tough to be removed, which is also formulated to be user-friendly as you can just rinse it off quickly, leaving a totally grease-free and dewy finish! 

The Snail Secretion Filtrate in this product will also provide a younger looking skin, and firm with glow and radiance after cleansing.

 Don't you just love how simple the design of the bottle is?! :D


 So I applied a few makeup essentials that I apply if I go out, the eyeliner and the lipstick are the more pigmented ones, I always had to remove them twice or thrice before it is completely out!

This is super easy to use so I don't really have to guide? Mostly just off the description written outside the box so here goes! 

Step 1 : Apply a small amount onto your palm (or fingers) then gently massage onto the face in a circular motion, pat gently to waken the skin 

 In this case, I gently just rubbed it off my hand, as you can see it totally removed the bb cream just like that O.O

Step 2 : Rinse it off 

 TA-DAAAAAAA! No residue and CLEAN! Doesn't hurt or requires any scratching nor scrubbing the makeup off, just rub it off in circular motion then it'll be off!

This is the only product that I am currently using to wash off my makeup. Thank you SnailWhite! :*

This product is available @ / SnailWhite Malaysia on Facebook or you can email them @ for more information :)
It's priced at RM89 which you can use it for a VERY long time since only a small amount needed everytime when you remove makeup! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! xx

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  1. Namu Life has produced great Snail white products and I think Snail White is one those gretest products I have ever heard of. I have tried and I feel like the way you have said in your post and Having said that one needs to try all the variations of Namu Life Products so that she gets the best out of it. Also, to be noted that we do have different skin type and that makes Snail White Cream to work differently. Best of luck for those who want to try the product.



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