LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Masks [Review]

Sunday, 3 May 2015

I am thrilled to share with you this awesome mask that I have received - Thanks to for spoiling me once again with such lovely package that received on my birthday! Hahaha birthday gift in disguise eh? ;)

Anyway, this pack of masks is awesome like I said but why? Well, nowadays there's a HUGE variety of masks to choose where there's all sorts of brands and types to choose from. I personally love this mask very very much now :D

LivYoung's Intense Brightening Facial Masks has nourishing and brightening effect (as written on the name) with intense essential nutrients included that deeply hydrates your skin as well! Nourishes, brightens and hydrates your skin, what's not to love? 

Photo source : HiShop because my box dented when it arrived! 
But yes, this is how it looks like when you purchase it. :)

Brought a pack back to JB to use it the day before my outing with friends. 
So I can also review it at the same time! :D

Don't you think even the packaging gives you a feeling that it's all natural and healthy? 
Well yes! It's made with one of their main ingredient, Apple Stem Cells which is rich in epigenetic factors, to protect and repair the function of skin stem cells, thus producing younger, smoother and fresher looking skin.  

Before, during, after 
(Okay looked different places after that so sorry ;D)

I did not take any pictures of the mask itself, basically it's a sheet mask - as you can see but I was shocked because I can REALLY feel that it's super moisturising and I love the apple scent in it! Doesn't smell like a perfumed one too. There was an excess of the moisturiser when I use the mask so I applied the excess on my neck, some one my hands. Hahaha don't waste! The day after that, it was SO much easier for me than usual to apply make up and ready to go, looking fresh and healthy!

LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Masks (10 pcs) is available @ for RM149!

LivYoung products are formulated in France, which they take importance of the ingredients used in their products seriously. Here's a link to all the products of LivYoung available in HiShop! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! xx


  1. you are already very young! with that mask... can go back primary school ad! =p

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