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Saturday, 16 May 2015

It's obvious why April is my favourite month - because it's my birthday month! Hahahaha. But it's been years since I felt excited about my birthday, or having a feeling to celebrate it. When i do, the only reason is for the birthday cake XD I would request my mom to make me a birthday cake. "Siao ah I very free is it" lol ok lor :( 

Then again, it's somehow a reason why Mae and I met up after a year? I think, ALMOST A YEAR. Her reason was to celebrate my birthday in advance. Everything we did was impromptu, a simple day but so much adventure and heart attack moments *inside joke*

1 2 . 0 4 . 2 0 1 5

Hi Mae Urika aka The Useful One!!!! Thank you for fetching me from Larkin with Mitsy!!! :D♥
Our moqi - driving the same EXACT car, one in JB one in Muar. We freaked out for a moment because the coincidence is way too much to handle o_o


She treated me to our favourite asam laksa @ KSL and it's so damn good!!! 

Hello Diyanah who was working in Sports Direct! OMG relishing Convent days ;D

Coffee Bean with my sexy legs 

Has anyone of you heard of Creamery Boutique Ice Creams in JB? I've heard about it way too many times, so many people posted their yummy ice creams on Instagram so I was pretty excited to try it out myself! Thank you Mae!!!!!!! 

Fake candid shot

There are a few very interesting flavours to choose from : Baby Milk, Bread Toast, Passion Fruit, Sexbomb Brown, Vanilla Rosemary and many more! I ordered the Chocolate Lava Cookie, topped with Bread Toast and Mix Berry Cheesecake ice cream!

Taste like heaven! It's so good that we didn't even cared the noise from the next door construction. Hahaha seriously, it's so yummy. Wanted to order more but by the time we finished it, there was a queue lining up to buy ice creams already O_O Can you imagine that?!

Met Johanna!!!!!!!!!! Such a small world that she's working part time there making the cookies. No wonder it's so nice. :D

Check out their Facebook and drool at the pictures okay! Click here

*Skips the whole adventurous moments in the car* 

Short meet up with Halili!!!! Hi Halili!!!!!! 

Jammed like mad @ City Square because it was raining and also the weekend, the parking lot was PACKED. But it was worth it....

Because we finally got our yearly neoprint (purikura) ;D

It was a really fun day. Thank you love for this mini advance celebration! /luv ♥

1 5 . 0 4 . 2 0 1 5 

I shall just start from the moment the clock struck 12, when I was so sound asleep because I wishing on 12 itself didn't really mattered to me, since most of my friends would be sleepy or something... And this year is the particular year which I did not felt any excitement nor the feeling to celebrate it. 

But I have two crazy friends, they wished me 12.00 AM straight, called me umpteenth times which spams on Whatsapp - AND yes I went to bed before 12 -_- So then the next morning I woke up with 40 missed calls, idk-how-many messages and my twitter feed filled with my names, getting bad-mouthed for sleeping early :P

Colleen who got "mad" at me because she told me she prepared SO LONG, even drew a picture for me yet I slept.

Thank you my baby T-T

And Yi Ling, the girl who would NEVER EVER EVER remember dates of anybody's birthdays yet she remembered mine. 

So... I am actually STILL feeling very guilty. But hey I made it up with super long replies that I did not send to anyone else okay!! Love these two girls in my life :*

Thank you Leon, Revathy, Yi Ling for spamming me with calls and so SORRY for turning it into silent mode so... D: I shall not sleep before 12 next year again ._.

I woke up with ZERO excitement about my birthday but the wishes I got from the lovelies who sent me messages, wishes on social networks made me realise - well it's my birthday so I shall enjoy it! 
- starting from cleaning the poops and pees that my lovely three doggies gave me to wash and scrub off early in the morning. Not to mention the poops from the bunnies, iguana, and cat. Well basically the whole zoo!

Went to work as usual - with my normal routine. To on the air con, switch on everything then just sit down and deal with paperworks. I was given a surprise to this when I pulled out my chair-

(Okay la I got too excited so i opened everything)

My first birthday present!!!!!! 
Thank you so much JS for the presents! I love it!! :D 

I am a planner addict, I fell in love with stamps so I actually was about to order ALL that was included in the paperbag from Taobao. But it was given to me as a present. Mad happy when I started to take them out one by one and stare in awe :O Thank you JS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the afternoon, called my grandma to remind her that it's my birthday and she should sing song for me! And she did - although it's just one sentence haha

Dinner was just a simple one, dinner treat by mom and JS kepoh followed so he could get a free treat HAHAHAHA just kiddingggg. 

Had my dinner @ Spice Vaganza in Muar. One of my favourite place to have carbonara and cakes! 
I always have my usual there, since it was my birthday so I tried different drinks and cakes too. Still, I had carbonara because I love it so much, and ordered brownies (apparently it's called some volcanic chocolate cake) with ice cream. Would like it even more if it's not that sweet. Or maybe I take that as my dinner itself because it's a really big portion!

I usually order peach tea, but decided to have smoothie instead but sadly, not to my liking. So sometimes I guess it's better to stick to the usual. 

1 8 . 0 4 . 2 0 1 5

An outing with LL, Mich and YL in the morning, which we planned since a week ago to go out for breakfast and the rest of the day left unplanned. Spent my morning watching Doraemon before YL scares me with her car honking sound -_-

Hi Ling-er, my driver :p

Breakfast at the corner shop @ Jalan Tan Hiok Nee
The well-known famous eggs and bread toast breakfast in JB!

And the rest of the morning was left unplanned, which we happened to be in town and Convent was having the 90th year celebration so we decided to go back!
Thing was we missed out EVERYTHING except the school song so we just rushed in and sing it. OMG I MISSED SINGING THE CONVENT SONG SO MUCH T-T 

Some collaged pictures : 

 Favourite teachers!!!

 Yah crazy things that we do
Thank you Luolin for the picture :*


 Don't you just love Oppo's camera? XDD

Had a lovely morning before I headed off to my food review. Oh my, I love my alma mater!!!

After food review (up in my blog soon!) Went to Dressabelle's sales and got myself a blouse so lovely that my mom had to comment that the colour looked like my Form 6 (janitor) JPAM uniform. Not discriminating any occupation here though ._. 

Thank you Yi Ling for fetching me (from home - breakfast - school - review - sales - Larkin) muacks muacks thank goodness you forgot about your promise on drowning me with kisses. XD

And also thank you Michelle and Luolin for spending the day with me. It was nice meeting all of you after like 123456789 months/years. Thank you Michelle for applying leave for us ;)

Lastly, one crazy photo of Yiling being very pervertic. Don't kill me! ;)

So this was how I spent my birthday (week) and honestly one very simple and lovely one. I have awesome friends and family around me, feeling very blessed :)

Happy 20th birthday to me! :D

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