Bushido Shabu Shabu 武士道全新养生火锅

Friday, 8 May 2015

Hello! FINALLY I am back with another food review and this one is definitely my favourite, which could be yours too! If you LOVE soup, noodles, meat (nomz) and when you can also consume them with benefits for your health which rich awesome flavours? :D

Here in Bushido Shabu-Shabu, you get both the health benefits and also rich flavours with reasonable prices! If you are a JB kaki, Bushido Shabu-Shabu is located right beside Leisure Mall - their sign is so obvious and big there's no way you could not see it! For more detailed address and contact will be given at the end of this post.

How it looks like in there :

 One part of the restaurant. It looks really luxurious and comfortable in there, so you can dine in with a cozy feeling. :)

Even the hallway to washroom is so romantic hahahaha. 

Their very beautiful and carefully printed menu! 

My heaven page. I can foresee myself ordering all of these in future when I visit Bushido again with family and friends. Don't you think the menu itself is enough to poison you already?

Mr. Dillion introduced us some of their famous dishes but obviously most of us were starving after how he described their signature dishes (cue Carinn and Ler) and I was actually waiting for their soup!

Here's some introduction about what they offer at their restaurant in general. 

Practically every meal you enjoy there is always beneficial to your health as it is rich with of all kinds of organic ingredients. For example their Bushido Grains Matcha Milk Broth and Golden Buckwheat Miso Broth which are their most recommended soups to order there. When you flip their menus you will also see the "Health Bonus" section which you can briefly read on it! 

Click in to read about the health benefits. Mainly to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and many more!
Others, I will elaborate further with pictures for a clearer view.

We started by getting our own sauce at the sauce counter which you will be able to see it when you enter the restaurant. 
You can choose to take only one or you can mix and match the flavours that you love!

For me, I love sweet, spicy, sour. So i added Sour and Spicy sauce, Sweet and Spicy sauce and Goma Miso sauce. Carinn took like 3 different bowls and kept mixing different sauces XD 

Be noted that the side dishes are complimentary when you dine there, and I loved all the side dishes! It's all so yummy especially those radish slices.

Our super colourful, vibrant and yummy fruit juices! It looks small in picture but it's actually very big sized in real. The mix fruit juices are 1 litre and the Guava is 500ml. You can request for either size, and even the 1 litre is less than RM20 per serving! 

We were given plain water and alkaline water to test out the difference. You can actually add on alkaline water into your beverage because it is always better with alkaline water as it has cleansing features and helps to cleanse the organs in our body. 

First pot of soup served hehehehe 

These are served with the soup. You can choose the kind of meat you want, Wagyu rib eye beef, pork, pork belly, chicken and so on. There's a page where there are sets available, making it easier for you to narrow down your choice!

MY PARADISE! Thank you so much for the generosity of ordering so much soups for us T-T *touched* I LOVE SOUPS, and it would bias if I say it's all very delicious to me. But my favourite one is the Miso Broth and Herbal Broth. The tomyam broth is nice too, same goes to the Kimchi one.... ;D

Photo Source : Bushido Shabu
A clearer view of the soups!

 Then of course the other main courses! 
On the right, there's salmon fish, along with the Golden Soba which is made of buckwheat. I prefer this than the spaghetti on the left, it's super chewy and tasty PLUS it is rich in dietary fibre. It has NO preservatives. 

Sashimi Salad (RM16.90) Spot those cherry tomatoes?! 

Ebi Uzura Fried (RM18.90)

Hey, Gyoza :3 

 One part of the table of happiness. 

Thank you Jennifer for extending the invitation to me and also thank you Bushido Shabu, Mr Dillon for your warm hospitality! My short trip back to JB was worth it :)

If you happen to visit Bushido from 5th May - 30th June, make sure you do not miss out these promotions! :D 

Bushido Shabu Shabu Japanese Restaurant

Bushido Shabu Shabu's Facebook Page 
Check out their Facebook page as they have endless promotions when you dine in there so you don't wanna miss out! 

Business Hours :
Monday - Sunday
12.00 pm - 3.00 pm
6.00 pm - 10.00 pm 

Contact : +607-3334668

Address : 
80 & 82, Jalan Kuning,
Taman Pelangi, 
80400, Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! :) xx

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