Thursday, 16 April 2015

Hello! Once again, back with my very belated Ed-iary which I procrastinated for a very long time so now I'm just gonna blog what I remember and recalling it with pictures on my phone. XD But not going to call it a diary anymore, more like post with spams hope you don't fall asleep it reading it okay :D

Summarizing what I did in February and March here. (And it's already mid of April oh my god)

I'll just start with what I did before CNY - Baked cookies throughout that two weeks before CNY and some of them, my mom and I even baked it till 2.30-3.30am in the morning. Crazy much? But it was all worth it because all the cookies turned out yummy except for the almond one which I made T-T Failed so badly.. Plus almond flakes are so expensive!!!!

Basically didn't do much during CNY so I'm just gonna summarize a little. Went shopping on the first day of CNY in Melaka because seriously we had nothing much to do.. I don't remember what I did on the second day and third day, headed to Singapore to bai nian @ my aunt's house which was filled with a golden retriever, 2 poodles and 1 shihtzu. And a bunny, 3 hamsters that my sister kept in her room -.- #typical
Like a super jakun Malaysian, went to their supermarkets to buy Meiji milk HAHAHAHAHA

Kinda regretted eating/baked TOO MUCH of cookies because I gained 5 kg after CNY. -.- Apparently my BMI is normal, but I still couldn't accept the fact that I gained so much weight *cries* *stuff another pineapple tart in my mouth*

Then I fell sick probably a week after CNY which I couldn't remember. Had a sore throat that lasted about three days then had flu and cough the lasted about 2 weeks? Had fever occasionally so my life was basically lying on the bed - wakes up - eat food and medicine - sleep. Thank goodness I am fine now weeeeee.

Okay enough of CNY. Then had a short trip back to JB. Thank you so much Crystal for fetching me from the bus stop!! :D

I was SUPER hungry then Crystal brought me to this restaurant at Ayer Molek (opposite the laksa shop) called Big Food. She told me that the food portion there is so huge and I didn't believe her. XD I ordered a chicken chop and she ordered carbonara pasta with beef bacon. Oh and teh-O because it was the cheapest off the menu. (RM2.90 i think)

 When the food was served, my eyes went O.O Are you serious?
Where got so nice so big portion one!

The Carbonara pasta itself can be shared with at least 3 people i think.

Chilled at Chaiwalla before heading home!

The next day, before My Skin Gym treatment, Crystal brought me out for lunch again XD didn't want to eat too much so she brought me for desserts at Passionfood instead. I ordered a Strawberry Shortcake and brownies.. And a cup of Mocha.

The Mocha was too bitter for my liking and I think it was suppose to be that way? But the brownies was SO GOOD and the strawberry cake was so-so. Headed back to Muar after my second appointment at My Skin Gym.

Before I start to work, I thought of visiting my grandma and also to meet up with Yi Ling after 123456789 months!!!! And thank you for fetching me from bus station! So nice to have drivers to pick me up the moment I reach :p Jkjk don't kill me.

We wazed our way to Jalan Tan Hiok Nee (yahh we are that noob in directions) and we actually lost our way two-three times before getting the right way. -.- We parked and walked up, saw the line outside the banana cake shop so we lined up as well because we missed the cake and buns!! Then we ate curry mee and nasi lemak at the corner shop, which is famous for their eggs and toast in the morning.

After breakfast we needed a rest and Yi Ling said her car needed a bath, so we went to my place and I helped her wash her car XD Friends indeed, won't paiseh one.

Here's an ootd with the Midi skirt that I have in my room. My neighbour was peeking through her window, perhaps thinking that we're insane to take pictures with my dog under the scorching hot sun. ;D

Met up with Nicholas @ The Brew Orchestra. The awesome future barista hehehehe.

He made this waffles with banana and bacons coated with maple syrup o__o SO NAISE

And this is off menu - Pink Lemonade. I LOVE THIS

Night time, went Mettalodge to pray and have dinner, met Dr Wong (I call him lao zhu)! Feels like a little girl again hehehe.
After Mettalodge, went Yi Ling's place to nap awhile before we meet up with Nicholas again for supper LOL and we slept at 3 i think because we were busy catching a mosquito o_o

After coming back from Jaybee, it's the week my new job starts! Till I get into uni lah. Why not since I get to earn money and learn something new.

Considering I love office work because I love the sound of keyboards typing hahaha another creepy note but it's really nice isn't it?!

Not going to elaborate much on my job, sometimes it's pretty tiring and sometimes I have nothing to do buttttt still everything is fine with me (why I complain so much I also duno)

Last highlight of the month - Brought JS to JB with me! To makan and all (but also used him to take review pictures for me lolol shh!!) Summarizing everything - ATE ALOT OF GOOD FOOD that I forgot to take pictures of because I was too focused on my food, and gulped everything before taking some time to let my camera have it. Forgive me :X xx

Kay that is all for now. Byebye :D

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