Detox with Teatox! [Cuppatea Review]

Friday, 19 June 2015

Detox is all you hear these days - a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances (from Google) In a simpler way, it's a process to make you feel healthier!

What I learnt from detox is that junk food is a big no, and also few other unhealthy foods that you have to refrain from eating during the detox process, which is mandatory if not how are the other unhealthy substances are going to vanish when you keep adding? ;) [Words to self] That doesn't mean you shouldn't eat at all, it is advisable to eat more fruits and veges and to drink more water!

Well if you've heard of detox, you must have heard of TEATOX [Detox tea] which helps you to go through your detox process in an easier form, without involving diet or starvation and it aids weight loss just like that!

Cuppatea is a UK based company that promotes healthy living and natural beauty. Without having to infuse your drinks with all sorts of fruits or exercise tremendously much every single day, how about a Cuppatea to save the hassle?

 This is 14 day pack - which contains 14 packs of Morningtime Detox and 7 packs of Bedtime Cleanse for alternative nights! 

Instructions and ingredients stated at the back of the packet

Cuppatea benefits your body in :

Burning fats and prevent fat storage

Transformation of energy to burn calories
Improve skin health
Improve sleep quality
Purification detox

While trying out the teatox process, I try not to consume too much of junk food, more healthy choices but sometimes it's unavoidable when you have cravings and you meet up with your friends for more nice food O.Ov and because my grandma keeps stuffing good food to me and of course, I can't say no :P therefore, there's night cleanse to ensure your bowel movements are fine.

If you are diligent and persistent on this teatox plan, Cuppatea's website has a tab on how you can eat healthy for you to follow while you detox to make you see the results in a more effective way!

To compare the Morningtime detox and Bedtime cleanse - I prefer the Bedtime cleanse more.
Bedtime cleanse tastes better for me than the Morningtime detox, because the taste is mild and soothing while the Morningtime detox has a stronger taste of the tea.

Then again, you can add your own favourites to the tea for a better taste! I infused lemon a few times and it tastes so good with the Morningtime detox. As for Bedtime cleanse I did not add anything to the tea as I prefer the taste itself.

For me, the Morningtime Detox had not much difference for me, since it's only detox and no laxative effect.
As for the Bedtime Cleanse, since it produces laxative effect so there's definitely a result for me. I feel more energetic and sober in the morning when I consume the tea that night before that. Other than that, my weight shows difference too, minimal difference but it does shows the effects, right?

{Consists of 14 packs of Morningtime Detox & 7 packs of Bedtime Cleanse}
Price : RM109.52

{Consists of 28 packs of Morningtime Detox & 14 packs of Bedtime Cleanse}
Price : RM190.26

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1. Morningtime Detox produces no laxative effects but contains a small amount of caffeine while Bedtime Cleanse produces laxative effects.

2. It is advisable to rest for 2 weeks before continuing your new pack for teatox after you have finished the first plan.


Hope you enjoyed reading this post!
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