UBER : Happy International Women's Day!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Most of the time when you get a ride to somewhere else, you'll see 95-100 percent of them are male drivers which happens to me all the time since I call Uber pretty often when I'm back in JB.

But there was once that I requested Uber from CS and I was in a rush PLUS it was a peak hour so I was glad that I actually managed to request Uber. Then I checked for the driver's details and everything which I was surprised that is a lady driver! I didn't know that Uber actually has female drivers till I met one. 

She was really friendly (then again, I forgot her name) and she kept me occupied by chatting with me the whole time so I don't feel awkward nor weird during the whole journey. Which then I realised that I've gotten the wrong concept that not all occupations that only consists of one gender. Right? 

If you happen to follow Uber's Facebook page here, you'll see that they have a few AMAZING stories of female drivers. Like there's one lady Uber driver who is a single mother of four kids, or a college student (a girl as well) shared their experiences working with Uber!

Click here to watch Uber's video on a mother of 4 making a living with Uber:


Female Student driving with Uber: 

As you know, 8th March was Happy International Women's Day, therefore Uber Johor Bahru is proud to support women in JB who are riders and also their partner drivers. Little did I know that Uber JB has a significant amount of female drivers around as well! 

Just here to share my own personal experience that I had with a female driver from Uber and also to share how impressed I am that Uber has a huge number of female drivers as well! 

And hey! 

Key in "UBEREDLYNJB" when you sign up on Uber for 3 free rides up to RM30 each! :) 
(applicable for new users only)

So, Happy International Women's Day - a belated one! :D

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