Unboxing the Midori Traveler's Notebook

Saturday, 28 February 2015

I've been using the MTN for about two months now and I love it! I took pictures when I was slowly opening the package and thought I should share it, although this unboxing post has been shown by many people. :P 

When I got the MTN, I WAS THRILLED! Actually I dwell on it for a very long time whether to purchase it or not since my friend was helping me to get in from Japan. Then he told me he just bought it without asking me if I was sure that I wanted it because he was in a rush which then I was really shocked yet excited O_O Oh well, decision made hahaha!! 

 It comes like this. And I bought brown! Hehe

 I bought the starter kit, cheapest regular sized Midori there I think. o_o 

Everything so well packed!!! Japan stuffs are awesome (Y) (Y)

 The paper explaining about the MTN :)
Closer shot on the English version of explanation 

The MTN is covered in this white bag they provided as well! 

 MY MIDORI TN!! Hehehe oh and they gave the orange band as well - In case if you like that colour better with the tn, you can change the current brown one to that. :)

Closer look to the MTN : 

Came with one blank refill inside!

After using it for almost two months, I can say that I'm in love with it!! It's not only a planner but you can just scribble and write down your everyday life in, or you're more into drawing you can do so! 
The problem is that I can't stop buying things to "pamper" this MTN of mine - washi tapes especially, and some binders, kraft files, some expensive pens, pen holders and anything you could think of. O_O Then of course, never once regretted buying this because it's one of the thing that I value most now - that I have written/ am going to write all the memories (or things I ate) in there :D

Or if you would prefer a smaller size, they have it at a passport size! 

If you're from Malaysia, you can them from Stickerrific on Facebook or from Tabiyo in both sizes! I'm not sure where else have it other than these two websites currently, and they're both selling it in reasonable prices :) 

 Hope you enjoyed reading this post! :) xx


  1. Hi Edlyn! Thank you for sharing our shop in your post :) Hope you enjoy using it!


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