[ My Skin Gym ] Pigments Treatment - Signature Duo Treatment & Dual Yellow Laser {Part 3}

Friday, 27 March 2015

Hello! Back to my pigments treatment once again. This time it's slightly different because I went there two days in a row for a better result in a quicker way? :)

Then again I would say that my skin wasn't in a really good condition as well, so the Signature Duo was sensitive to me. It sounds like I'm repeating the words for the past three posts, but YES it's a bearable. Not actually painful, just.. prickly kind of pain and it doesn't stay. After the cooling gel applied after Dual Yellow is my FAVOURITE! I wouldn't mind to just lie down there and apply the cooling gel all day because it's too comfortable XD

 After signature duo

After Dual Yellow. It's not that visible anymore.

For the second day of treatment, I did Signature Duo only since that's the main treatment for my pigments anyway and I was in a rush so I skipped Dual Yellow, which explains that I have really dark circles that I have to cover with concealer :/

After Signature Duo on the second day, I skipped Dual Yellow! 

Met Princess on the second day. Forgot to take a picture with her T-T She went there for a pigments treatment too and the moles on her face! Read her blog about her treatment as well - here :D

We have the almost same problems - pigments but she has moles too. Not much of a problem but I believe she'll look so much hotter than she already is after her treatment is done ;)

I had moles all over my face too, but I did laser (a different one) at somewhere else few years back before I was even introduced to this kind of laser.. Plus I was told that I had to operate on certain moles so I did.. Then I realized it's actually quite painful and I had stitches on my face. Can't wait to see Princess' result after her moles are totally removed after treatment!! 

Not much for this post, but here's the before after picture of my pigments (The very first one till the current one)

You can say it's the lighting that made my freckles gone. But hey, why should I blog about a treatment that doesn't work on me right?? 100% no photoshopping on the pictures except watermarking because I don't know even know how to use photoshop :p Plus, Dual Yellow treatment made my skin tone lighter, so it's normal even if the skin colour is different okay! :D

I am really grateful that I was introduced to My Skin Gym for removing my pigments that has been bothering me for a VERY LONG TIME. Just a few more sessions and it shall be gone!!! (Then again, I need to take care of my skin by applying sunscreen of course...)

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed reading this post! xx

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  1. Hahaha I'm hot woohoo! Btw your condition is getting better and better! Great improvement! :)

    1. Lalalalala you really hot mahh :P Waiting for yours!! Can't wait to see the difference!

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