[ My Skin Gym ] Pigments Treatment - Signature Duo Treatment & Dual Yellow Laser {Part 2}

Friday, 27 February 2015

Hello! I am back from my second appointment from My Skin Gym and here is the update from the appointment.

This is sort of a continuation of my first appointment which I also blogged about it here :)

(6/2/2015) So today I got the clearer picture of My Skin Gym which I wasn't able to attach it on my previous post - here goes.

The signboard itself is HUGE with the number written on it and it's hard to not notice it. Just call that number for appointment and the ladies there are so friendly and helpful!

While waiting, took some pictures from where I sat! 

 Where infront of me was some tables and chairs, for patients to wait/ to consult doctor regarding their treatments

See so many people came for treatments o.o

I did the same treatment once again, Signature Duo and Dual Yellow Laser.

As for Signature Duo this time, nothing much but the power increased and I can feel it. The prickly heat tapping on my face especially my cheeks with my pigments. Dr. Ding did the treatment more on my pigments and he increased the level because I can only go back for treatment once in awhile so if I do more, more results and faster? Plus the pain is tolerable, more like itchiness for me than it pricks.

For Dual Yellow Laser, as usual they would apply a layer of ultrasound gel before the laser. This treatment is supposedly to sooth my skin after the Signature Duo treatment and main point is to lighten my dark circles, lighten my pigments and brighten my skin. I love this treatment the most because based on my very first experience with this treatment, I see immediate results and honestly I was looking forward for my second appointment!

Needless to say, Dr Ding increased the level for this treatment as well and STILL the prickly kind of pain is still bearable but I think you can actually request to lower down the percentage to the one you can actually bear with. I wanted to bear with the pain because higher the level - more results? ;) But overall I really find it bearable, so it's up to you to decide!

After the treatment, the lady washed off the ultrasound gel for me, and applied sunscreen for me then passed me a mirror. My first reaction was "WOAHHHH" The result was WAYYY OBVIOUS compared to the first time I had my treatment. Not only my skin tone brightened up, my pigments lightened up ALOT. Then of course, you'll have to wait for a few more days then you'll be able to see even more results on the lightening part.

So here are the pictures : 

 Right after treatment

 One week after treatment

Clearer before after for your reference :)

The freckles (before pic) somehow it came back a little because I needed more frequent treatment but I've only went like after 2-3 weeks, which the doctor advised to go for treatment at least twice per week. So next treatment, hopefully I'll be able to keep on track to go more often!

So while I was there waiting for my turn, I stumbled upon this leaflet on the table regarding Dual Yellow Laser treatment and the explanation is way clearer in my point of view, so I'm just gonna write it out here to show you the details :)

Dual Yellow Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment

Rejuvenation of the skin is needed when damage occurs due to the sun or aging, which produces wrinkles or skin blemishes. You can also treat scars and stretch-marks.

The yellow light from the Dual Yellow Laser is a painless procedure and helps to generate collagen, the essential protein for giving your skin elasticity. This happens because yellow light affects the collagen in a way the promotes regrowth; it also reduces pigmentation. So your skin will appear lightened, and more youthful

How many treatments are required?

You need to consult with your clinician for an exact treatment plan. Just after one treatment, you will notice your skin feels fresher and is lighter, but typically several treatments are required. 

That's all for the second update! :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. xx

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