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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Daisy Love

They say, flowers are the sweetest things ever created, but forgot to put a soul into. 

Sometimes, I really miss travelling. Not trying to say that I have actually travelled the world. 
(Which I have not) But wouldn't it be nice to give yourself some time off to go travelling on your own?
Taking unlimited pictures of sceneries, people and awesome food. That is definitely the very first on my wishlist. 

Certain things in life are destined to be or not fated to be. 
The world is not a wish-granting factory, you need to fight for what you desire. 

Just by a little effort, I believe what you want to achieve might just fall into your hands. 

.. And also for a good companion while you dream and fight, a pair of shoes with the cutesy of Hello Kitty will brighten up your day. 

This cute little shoes with the face of Hello Kitty embroided comes in three colours, blue, red and black (Mine's in blue). The size may differ a little as mine is a little tight in front and my size is 38. 
If you are interested in uberly cute flats, do not hesistate to contact and purchase from Te Chi Chi now! 

Te Chi Chi's Website : www.techichi.com.my
Te Chi Chi's Facebook : www.facebook.com/TeChiChi.koreashoes
Te Chi Chi is also available in Lazada and Zalora!

Te Chi Chi is a brand that brings a wide variety of Korean styled shoes AND also their shoes are ALL imported directly from Korea! Te Chi Chi also has just launched their own fashion brand called TOT-TOT which you can get them from their Queensbay Mall outlet!

There are six Te Chi Chi branch outlets nationwide which includes :
  1. Queensbay Mall
  2. Raja Uda, Butterworth
  3. Bukit Mertajam
  4. Taiping Sentral Mall
  5. Gurney Plaza in Penang (New outlet - Coming in October)
  6. Queensbay Mall Clothes Outlet
Or if you are an online boutique shopper/lazy to shop outside (Like me) You can just surf their website which I have stated above to purchase from them there! But I would suggest to buy from the shop itself to have a more precised look on the sizes and designs!

I got the shoes online and I love the designs! Part two on Te Chi Chi coming soon! :)


Today, I read the newspapers saying that Hello Kitty is actually a girl, not a cat. Hello Kitty's real name is actually Kitty White, which is the daughter of George and Mary White and has a twin sister.
I know she has a twin sister and her parents since I've been watching Hello Kitty since I was a kid. Other kids watch Spongebob and Power Rangers (Or Barbie?), I watch Hello Kitty lol. 

But the thing I cannot get over is, Hello Kitty is not a cat?!

I have no idea what to feel about this, but oh well just some information. Hahaha

Thank you Kim, for giving us a chance to review on these Te Chi Chi shoes!

And thank you Carinn for taking all the pictures above for me! 
Not to mention this is the very first ootd post on my blog and hope you enjoyed reading this post! :)

Till then,

Edlyn :)


  1. Ahhh, so prouddd! ^^ Congrats on your first OOTD post! You look so pretty! <3

    1. Thank you! All thanks to you as well for the lovely photos! <3

  2. Nice one. The background and outfit is beautiful

  3. So proud of you girl! You wrote well! But hor, after the new of HK not bring a cat, I think I saw an article on Sanrio clarifying that HK is indeed a cat~

    1. So it's a cat?! Thank goodness. Hahaha if it's a girl it would be weird.......


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