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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hello everyone
I've been neglecting my blog so much, so I was thinking to find something to make my blog less dead and not only sponsored posts, but also some updates for my future reference :))

So I came up with Ed-iary. Hahaha abit lame but bear with me ah.
This post will mainly just talk about things that I would like share, what happened, and things like that. :D
These few weeks have been very hectic and exhausting for me as I have three assignments due on the same date with my exam around the corner. So blogging is definitely one way to distress!!!

Happy thing is that I've gotten 红米Note for myself :) Thank you Bernard for snatching it, Thank you Aud for helping me to pay first (Because they need PayPal) and thank you mom and dad for the phone. I feel very bad, but I'll do my best in other aspects to pay back this present both of you gave me :D
I'm actually in love with this phone because it's awesome! Will try to blog about it after using it for a month or so?

On the other hand, been feeling pretty depressed because of my super duper extreme haircut AFTER 3 years?!?! I did want to have a haircut because my hair has been falling off and so I guess I need to let my hair rest? But I did not expect a bob nor a super duper short hair cut.

People who saw me the next day in school, they are either shocked or say I look like a 3 years old kid.

To me I just feel like a mushroom. 

But it's okay, hair will grow back right. Hahahaha. 

Then off to JB for a day plus to have a check-up on my braces and I'm finally getting it out soon!! :)) So more selfies with braces from now on. Hahaha.
The next day, went cafe hopping with Crystal and Jo. Not actually hopping because I only went one cafe in town, which was Bev C Cafe!

 I love their Strawberry Lemon Pie!
But if you do not love lemon or sour desserts, this may not be the best dessert for you.
I love cream cheese lemon-y and sour flavour, so I was totally indulging this dessert. 

 Espresso Cubes (Chocolate + Milk) drink, I love the bitter and sweet combination but somehow it's a little too much for me. Coffee takes a great effect on me and I had to go back to Muar after that. Totally did not nap in the car. AT ALL. Hahahaha

I'm truly amazed by the huge number of cafes they have now around. JB or Muar, you go anywhere you'll see a cafe with latte and espresso, or hot chocolate and cakes. 
So it is essential to bring a camera around and get nice pictures okay! I really think that the price we pay for a cup of coffee includes the fee to take picture. Haha don't just waste the chance to get a beautiful picture of the coffee art or cute cakes!

"If we need clothes we can just pull one from the wall" Hahhahaahha
We have no art for art. 


Two days ago was the National Mourning Day for the passengers on board MH17 and for the missing plane MH370. Two incidents in a year is just heartbreaking, lives lost and disappeared. May all the passengers on board rest in peace and MH370 be found soon, at least there's an answer. 

And the Ice Bucket Challenge, I didn't knew what was ALS until ice bucket challenge came up and I actually enjoy people making videos for a good cause. They are not only doing that to raise donation and also to feel how ALS patients feel everyday. So I was nominated by my friend... Coming soon. 

Now this was one video that totally broke my heart. 
You MUST watch the video till the very end. 

I guess that is all for today and thank you for reading my rants and sorts!

Trying not to look like a 3 years old kid here. Hahaha

Till then, 
Edlyn :) 

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