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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

I've only recalled myself wearing transparent lenses because even that, I had to be really careful with choosing the correct lenses for my eyes as I had history with a couple of brands before - And one even gave me corneal abrasion (simplified : it cut my eyeball). After that, I finally found the perfect lenses that did not give me discomfort but I've always wanted to try out lenses with colours despite the trauma :( 

Barbie Eyesland's lenses came in just in time for me because I didn't wanna try out colours that are too crazy (yet) and neither do I wanna buy lenses that are too wide, eventhough they do have the range from 14mm to 16mm :) Also, my eyes are really sensitive and dry so I can verdict if it's really suitable for dry eyes. Envy people with perfect eyes that is okay with any lenses T-T

 // Ordering Process
Ordering was so FREAKING EASY and they make sure to send you notifications on payments, done and tracking of your parcel. If you would like to know how to order, just click here and they'll show you the steps on how to purchase - really love how detailed and informative they are.

I actually wanted to add a "How to Order" steps but it has been clearly answered on their website, it's really that simple!

After payment, I've received the bill in my email, notification on Faceook Messenger and email as well to track my parcel with the tracking number. Super efficient, all happened in less than 12 hours!

In less than three days, I've already received my lenses even though they mentioned it's gonna take three days. 

// Box Opening

I love packaging like these because I like keeping boxes for other stashes huehuehue. Plus, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging so look at how princess-y the packaging of the lenses are! Not only that, they gave me three oreo-looking lens cases. Feeling really spoilt T-T (I buy transparent one also no free gifts like this lor) and also free candies :P

I got myself three pairs in three different colours - Oh My Pearl GREY, Oh My Soul GREY, Oh My Baby CHOCO

1. Oh My Baby Choco

Close shot.

This is the colour that I would wear out to uni/anyway all the time because it looks really natural even under sunlight. This would go well with light/heavy makeup plus in my opinion, I think it did make my eyes look clearer in a way!

2. Oh My Pearl Grey

Close shot. 
(At first I was wondering, why is this even called grey? It's brown what lol! K lah I don't understand the magic k) 

Something I would go for if I'm dressing up slightly better to uni (Because I usually just look sloppy and I'm too lazy to dress up) or even if I don't, I think this would look just fine. It looks really natural under the sunlight but it'll most probably be obvious in different angles. As you can see from the second picture is with lighting (indoors) and there's an obvious grey but still looking natural.  

3. Oh My Soul Grey

When I first opened and placed these lenses I went "OMG THE COLOURS SO PRETTYYYY" I don't think I have ever purchased lenses that has so many colours. I'm amused by coloured lens lol. 

I don't even have to go under the sunlight to show how intense and obvious the colour is!
This is my favourite among the three pairs mainly because it's my first time wearing such an obvious colour but I don't think so I will be wearing it out/ to uni unless I'm going for events haha. However, this will only look flattering on me if I have my full face makeup on, if not it's going to make my eyes bags and dark circles more appealing (eg : picture above) Neverthless, I still love this colour the most because it's really prettyyy!

// Verdict
I opened all of them the night before I tried them on, so I soaked them in the solution for one day. 
Be noted that my eyes are REALLY sensitive and dry. So verdict only comes from me may not be the same for you. 

Comfort Level : 8/10
Drying : A little (but alright after eye drop)
Discomfort : No

I won't say it's 100% comfortable for me because my eyes are more sensitive compared but if you know your eyes well enough and you think you are fine with any lenses, you are good to go! I would still purchase them in future because I really loveeee the colours and I would go back for more after I'm done with these three pairs :) Having a 8/10 is enough for my eyes because I hardly ever gotten lenses that are suitable for me.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review. :)
They have various lenses for you to choose, with different colours and sizes as well.

Just make you check out their page at:
Facebook :
Wechat / Whatapsps­čô×: 011-33333010

Till then, E.

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