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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Today I thought I would like to share some of the two products that I recently been needing to have, which is a hot pants, and also something to make me look slimmer in tighter shirt (at least by a little) which is the Slimming Shirt Shaper that I received. 

The products arrived just in time because I needed that motivation to exercise. No kidding, most of friends have been telling me and reminded me that I have grown fatter. T^T I guess it's obvious since most of them told me that. Some friends would go "Nah, you look better fatter" Lies. 
I did grew fatter because I've been on a really unhealthy diet, and I stopped gym for quite some time now because one semester after another, there are more work piling up and therefore... (more excuses piling up as well)

//Long Active Hotpants 

This semester, I have finally build up my motivation to resume to the 'healthier' lifestyle and having the long active hotpants with me now definitely aids up to my gym routine. Here's why :

It is made with Neoprene Fabric - hence letting you sweat even more than you usually do

One reason why it is recommended that you wear neoprene and exercise because it helps to increase its significant effectiveness due to the quality that will be able to elevate the body temperature to promote fat-burning even more compared to usual jogging pants. 

Tried and tested : I did not expect much from this material - because I assumed that it's all the same and now I get why it is called "hot pants". I like the material because it’s soft and really comfortable to wear. But the down part about the material is that it tends to be thicker hence I look fatter. I would honestly say that this is my personal problem that I need to work out more in this pants so I can see the difference from time to time.

Despite the word “hot pants”, it doesn’t mean that it literally burns when you wear it but it helps you to sweat even more than you realizing it. As it is neoprene material a.k.a synthetic base, the sweat cannot absorb into the pants. I did not know about it at first so I had a shock when I realized I was sweating a little crazier than usual. However, the down side of this material that I had a hard time washing the material because it does not absorb water hence making it hard to absorb anything at all. After a several washes I got the hang of it to handwash it and let it dry naturally. Be reminded that this hotpants is strictly not allowed to be washed in the washing machine. You won’t want to destroy your delicate pants J

PLUS! There's an inner pocket which is really convenient. It's enough for me to put my house keys in instead of holding it in my hands while I run/put cash :)
How to Wash : It's actually very simple but just make sure that YOU DO NOT WANT TO PUT IT INTO THE WASHING MACHINE. It is going to spoil because it is really delicate. What I usually do is i rinse it with warm water and hand wash it. :) It'll dry off in a day after hanging. 

Where To Purchase : Get it for RM188 @ and they are always having promo.
Click HERE for the direct link this pants :) 

//Woman Slimming Shirt Shaper 

I don't really have the habit of wearing tight-fitting clothes but when I do, this would help me out alot lol. It's really tiring to suck in your bulging tummy out all the time while you're wearing a tight dress/shirt, so this slimming shirt shaper will help you settle all these hassle and bonus part - gives you a curvy hour glass figure instantly due to the shaper's design.

Other than giving you the shape + sucking all your tummy fats, at the same time it does its job to burn those excessive fats around your tummy. It has self-heating effect eventhough it has a breathable material. It is uniquely design to firm panels while trim and tighten the stomach area.

It has very breathable material, and also it is stretchable. Some shaper tend to be more stiff as they really want you to get the shape but it's gonna take a toll on your body as it will be really uncomfortable. The difference on Jonlivia's Slimming Shirt is that they are very detailed in terms of the lining and quality, so they are wearable for long hours while they have self-heat ability for comfort and slimming effect. 

However, it is advisable to only wear it 2 times a day for 1-2 hours each. 
How to Wash : Hand wash with warm water, but usually I'll just use normal lukewarm water.
Where to Purchase : Get it for RM122 from their retail price RM200 which is really good bargain
Click HERE to direct you to the Slimming Shirt Shaper. :)

These came in for some time now and I have wearing them to try them out. I hereby apologize for the uber late review which I feel really bad about. However, there will be a Part Two which I'm currently preparing on their product, solely talking about the Phiro Back Support for those who hunch alot (me) that will be perfect for you! I will be linking it down below once it's done :D

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you enjoy it!

Till then, E.

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