BLAB Lens [CHARIS] Review

Monday, 31 July 2017

Hello everyone!
As we all know how different coloured lenses would make us look compared to our normal lenses. It just brightens up the make up that we apply so much better and take us all to a whole new level. However, it is really tough to find comfortable and nice lenses especially for dry and sensitive eyes like mine, I need to give special attention when it comes to choosing the perfect lenses for me.

(Forgive my very gross grown out nails oops)

Very mocha honey colour-ish for real XD

I’m on the hunt of coloured lenses and just in time, I have my hands on the BLAB lenses and I would love to share my genuine review about them! I got these from Charis in the colour Honey Moccha. 

//First Impression
I love the packaging but I really don’t see why only one instead of two in a packaging. However, It gives a really nice classy feeling and I DO love the packaging, don’t get me wrong! I know how coloured lenses usually comes in bottle form and I honestly prefer in this normal lenses packaging because it’s easier to open also to dispose after.

This is how it looks like. I was told that brown lenses will make the eyes more natural rather than black, which is why I got myself the colour Honey Moccha.

//Close up

I definitely LOVE this so much! I put it on eye test for a day and I really love it. I’ve never had a coloured lenses so comfortable before and I really loved it. I wished that it’s with my power so I can wear this out.
It looks really natural on me. I don’t always go for a bold look so I don’t need crazy colours. This is just PERFECT as I will be wearing this to uni if there’s power on it. I’ll choose the one with power next time.

//Will I purchase it again?
Definitely, I love how it wears and it is SUPER comfortable. I have really drying eyes and I need to be specially attentive when it comes to lenses as I have issues with them before. Nevertheless, I would definitely purchase this again in time to come and I would rate this a ten. J

//Where to Purchase?
This is from Charis, and you can purchase it from the link here
They will the product from Korea and it’s authentic for sure. You can also read more about it from the link above. There are also other colours for you to choose from.

Also, do check out my shop @ for other products there too! 

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it!

Till then, E. 

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