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Saturday, 13 May 2017

I am so happy that I'm finally up with another food review because most of the time whenever there's food review, I get to meet up with my favourite Ma Cherie girls and it's been a long time since we met. It's a nice feeling whenever you are able to devour yummy food with your friends :')

If you are from JB, I guess you've already visited the new Aeon Jusco Tebrau City which I absolutely LOVE because it changed so much!!! T-T I hardly visit JB anymore since I'm mostly up in KL but having so much changes makes me wanna return to JB even more hahahahaa #hypocrite 

A mini Ma Cherie reunion among us and meet up with new blogger friends! :D
(We tried to mimic A-Li's expression but we just look possessed hahahaha)

Oh look, how much you've changed :'D
Looking crowded because everyone's registering for their bookings for Mother's Day celebration!
I stumbled upon Fanpekka the first time I visited Jusco after renovation and it's the only SDS with Fanpekka and it's in Jusco and I really love how it turned out! This SDS looks entirely different from the rest, which I love. The colour blue makes the entire looking very soothing to dine in heh heh. 

Okayokay back to the topic. Hahaha so I went for food review with my girls, SDS is having Mother's Day set - which you can bring your mom and your entire family for a treat! (Test test for you okay so read on) And if you're planning to bring your mom for a treat, I believe this is gonna be perfect! 

 Thank you for leaving a seat for me! Hehehe (I forgot to bring the card back to paste on my journal T-T) The garlic bread is awesome btw, especially with the mushroom sauce provided ;) And when this happens, of course you need to take some typical flatlay rightt HAHAHA or probably it's just me. 

Huge huge fan of flower tea! I love the flowery tea taste but then again if you wish to have it sweet, they even prepared honey for you to add in. :D Only RM8.90 for this and it's refillable!! If I'm correct, there's Rose tea, Very Berry-Berry tea and also Classic Flower tea, which is this. 

And it's time for the main course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

@ RM49.90 for members (RM59.90 for non members)

When they placed this on the table the first thing that I screamed for was the SOUP!!! If you know me well enough, or if you went to a food review with soup with me.. You know how much I love chicken soup LOL, or any soup at all.  (Spot Carinn from the gif :p) 

This is the FAMILY PLATTER @ RM59.90 for non-members while for members it's RM49.90 for 3-4pax. On top it's the Herbal Chicken Soup (which i gaodim most of it because it was so good heh heh) 
While the sides, there are Stir Fried Dried Chili Clam (1) , Shrimp Scrambled Egg (2), Mongolian Fish (3) and Broccoli and Cauliflower Mix Vege (4) with 4 white rice served with the platter. This is perfect because you know how this could eliminate the hassle for moms to cook homecooked dishes when this can make do for it! 

After that, we had a piece of cake each to try out one of cake in the menu. Which I believe this is called Heart of Love. Promise last few pieces of cake k I know I have to go on diet lol. But how to when it's chocolate + cake. This is so yummy!

 Well of course, they have various types of cakes for you to choose - if you wanna order a cake for Mother's Day, or any occasion at all, they have it for you. You can even customize to print your pictures on the cake's chocolate piece if you preorder them. Picture above one of the few cakes that are on the list and on display are Mother's Day and also Father's Day series so if you wish to order for both of your parents, you can do so! :)

Saw some of the other tables customized their cake with their own picture printings on top - which is pretty cool. I've always wanted something like this on my cake since young. While our table, we did not customize anything while the rest did and we were like "Eh look at their cake?!?!?!" LOL #thejakungang Such a beautiful cake isn't it? :'D 

On that day itself, mummies were given flowers from their children to express their gratitude throughout these years. Some even burst into tears. So sorry that I got too carried away with the main course - this was a mini surprise that started it all. :) They were all given a mini present by SDS too!

Us in return, thank you SDS for inviting us to experience all these! Other than these yummy food, we made new friends + mini gathering and also witnessed some really happy times among the same space. (Plus, I REALLY REALLY loved the soup!) 

With A-Li again!


Oh and for you people who are visiting Jusco/Fanpekka...

Take a picture with A-Li whenever you see him walking around and post em selfies up on SDS' Facebook page (which I will them down below) and you get a chance to win Fanpekka Family One Day Admission Pass (2 Adult 2 Children) PLUS SDS Fun Dining Session worth RM250 per family! Since Father's Day is coming soon in June, why not have it a go? Plus A-Li is so cute. :D (Still couldn't have his expression even after gazillion tries)

I really hope you get to enjoy these with your family. 
Happy Mother's Day and Happy Father's Day in advance! 
[They'll be serving the Family Platter from 1st May to 30th June 2017]

SDS Bakery & Cafe / Fanpekka Cafe
Aeon Tebrau City
Lot S102, Second Floor 

Till then, stay happy and well!


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