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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Part Two of Jonlivia's products. Previously I have reviewed their products on their Long Active Hot Pants and also Slimmer Shirt Shaper which you can read it from here. While this part, it is going to be solely on the Phiro Back Support. 

The main reason why I'm keeping this as Part Two because I have a lot to say about this product, and my condition that I would like to share that relates to Phiro Back Support and how did it helped me physically. 

//My Condition// 
If you know my personally or noticed the way I walk ( :O ) , you'll notice that I hunch really badly. I guess most people would've noticed it because it's really obvious. Sometimes when I try to pose for pictures, I would unknowingly hunch and it would look really horrible. Here are some of the examples. 
Then the photographer, whoever that is have to tell me to stand straight then I'll feel bad because they had to take more pictures for me. Thank you friends for your patience T-T Some even said I walk like a zombie (lol whut)
I think the major reason why I hunch is because I sit down very often and I find myself changing positions the way I sit down, causing me to hunch even more. Time after time, my hunching became worse and now it's causing me more than just hunching. Sometimes, when I stand up too long, it'll tend to hurt too.

//Why is it REALLY bad to hunch?// 
Other than looking bad in pictures, it's hurting me physically. 

1. If I sit down too long, my back will start to hurt really bad even when I tried to sit up straight. My back will not get used to it then it'll hurt like crazy and I need counterpain almost everyday to massage and ease the pain. 
2. When I go to gym and do some warm ups, YES JUST WARMING UP that involves my back, it'll hurt and I'll go crying on the floor and my friends would just stare not knowing what to say nor how to help ;_; because it's my personal problem. I can't even do some warm ups because my back can't handle them.. 
3. It's really not comfortable to sit for too long, even though I have to sometimes. I can't even sit on the floor for too long because I'll hunch unknowingly, then I'll have problem number 1 arising again. 

Wow I sounded like an ahma, but that's how I lived having hunchback. The problems are more than just that three I mentioned. Plus, if I stay hunchback this way, it's gonna take a toll on me when I grow older. Then I'll live with my back REALLY hunched. Like a few grannies that I met, physically unable to do alot of things because it'll hurt really bad. :(
And how do I feel better? The only way is to lie down on the bed straight, let the pain sets in feel the comfort after, of finally having a support to my back. It'll hurt to lie down at first, but that's the only time my back is really straight.. :(

Therefore, I really thought I should give it a try to Phiro Back Support. Plus, I really loved the Hot Pants that they have which you can see the reviews here

//First Impression on the Phiro Back Support//
It looks promising as the back part has some sort of material to straighten your back, which I love. After trying to put it on for the first time, I really liked it! The difference before you wear and after is visible and instant. I like how it keeps me sitting straight the whole time, as I have a really bad habit of having my legs folded, at some really weird positions that is going to cause more problems for my back because bad posture. So I feel more disciplined with this.

//How to Wear//
(watch the GIFs :D)

1. Put on the Jonlivia Phiro Back Support and extend the wide waist band and pull down and below waist and attach the wide waist band.

2. Extend the smaller adjuster and pull until the tightness is suitable for you and attach the smaller adjuster then you're good to go!

Or you can watch it from here :


For the 1st-2nd week 
For the first two weeks of trying the Phiro Back, I felt more disciplined. Because most of the time I was on my laptop and I had to sit a lot. So for the first two hours of me sitting down, I would wear this on to support to my back and to "remind" myself that I have to sit straight and so my legs won't misbehave and putting myself in a bad posture. After two hours of wearing, I would be very conscious that I have to sit straight but let's say if I start to hunch again, I would wear it again for like a good 30 minutes to 1 hour as the recommended time is30 minutes a day (but I always go more than that because more is more :p).

I do feel a tinge of pain on my back at times, but it's fine because at least I know it is somehow "straightening" my back for me. I really love how it supports my back really nice and I feel really comfortable whenever I wear it. I was told that it would also keep my tummy in lol. The only down part is that it will make my back sweat. 

I didn't see much changes on my back, but it really did help me to be more conscious when I walk that I'll try not to hunch. Sometimes my bag is too heavy that I tend to slouch sometimes.

For the 3rd-4th week
I did stop a few days because I wasn't home for the whole day but I would wear it when I can. It requires discipline when you wear this Phiro Back Support and you'll see improvement. Slow, but there's definitely a difference. There are days that I did not wear, I tend to slouch too. Then I'll have my friends to remind me not to slouch.

I may have relied on this support alot that without it I would slack a little. But it's all about the consistency of using it. After awhile I did use it and when wear it when I'm exercising. Doing back exercises while wearing the back support will enhance the improvement on your back even better.For me, I can see that my back is getting straighter a little. I might still hunch alot but there is improvement that I can see it for myself. So I will wear it more consistently to see better results.

After all, this product requires consistency and discipline. You'll have to keep wearing it until you get the result that you want.

//Where to Purchase//
You can get it from Jonlivia's official page and click here to link yourself directly to the page. It is now priced RM199 but they have promotion now so make sure you check it out! It is their best selling back support and you can read the reviews of their products on their page too.

Thank you Jonlivia for bringing in these for us!

And I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I also hope that it helps. :)

Till then, E.  

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