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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hello everyone! :D

This is a pretty overdue post, plus this is one product that I really want to share with you all, which is Redoxy. Thank you Suki for giving this opportunity to try out this product.

Basically, my skin is prone to freckles. Yes, A LOT of freckles. They say I look like angmoh (Caucasian) with that but honestly it's too much and some people actually asked me if I washed my face or not? Of course I did T-T 

I have freckles due to my sensitive skin which I can't stay long under the sun, that would make the amount of freckles on my face increase abruptly therefore I really needed something or anything at all to make it vanish, at least make it lighter!

Just in time, Redoxy saved me in the situation where my freckles faded at least 50%, so I don't have to worry it's too overwhelming. Hahahaha. 
Read on to see the results of my face PLUS a giveaway contest to all readers!! :D

REDOXY is a product of serum/essence with ingredients and formulas from France, technology from Japan, packaging in Malaysia. 
It helps in reducing freckles, wrinkles, acne scars, big pores, and skin brightening. 

Methods to use this product ;
1) Cleanse your skin thoroughly with room temperature water
2) Apply toner to balance your skin pH
3) Apply Redoxy on dark spot area with circular motion both day and night
4) Apply Redoxy on wrinkles and fine line areas with circular motion both day and night
5) Apply Redoxy on open pores with circular motion both day and night
6) Apply Redoxy on eye bag and dark circles gently and pull outward both day and night
7) Apply Redoxy on neck lines gently and pull upward both day and night

 A small bottle of goodness! 

 Make sure you keep it well and don't drop it! It's so small and simple! :D

 The bottle cap is actually a dropper for hassle-free usage of product. 

Milky texture and it smells REALLY nice! A pleasant milky scent which I love!!!! 
I took more attention on reducing my freckles so.. I applied more on the cheeks hahahaha. So this is the result :

 First week, okay actually super hesistant to show this picture, plus I had breakouts then.. With obvious freckles and LOTS OF THEM! My face's condition was pretty bad back then.

 See the obvious result of the freckles? It actually faded and I got really excited about it!!! Hahahaha. And yeah, my pimple was gone after two days of applying Redoxy :O

So yes, I know it's still pretty obvious but freckles are really hard to get rid off and I'm actually really satisfied that it faded? At least when I apply BB Cream, I take lesser time to cover it up. Hahaha! 

 OVERALL RESULT - Obviously it worked so well on me and can't believe just by applying a small amount of Redoxy could make my freckles because believe me, I've tried tons of products just to make them fade! So thank you Redoxy!!!!!!!

Price :
RM250/retail price or non-member price
RM153/member price

To purchase and for more details, do not hesistate to contact to know more! 
H/P : +6017-7714480
Wechat : photosbysuki
Line : suki8
Facebook Page : My Redoxy Diary 

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

A bottle of Redoxy will be given out to the winner, which is worth RM250/retail price!!! 
Just follow three simple steps to join the giveaway :

1. Like "My Redoxy Diary" on Facebook > click here
2. Follow me on Google Plus > click here
3. Comment down below at the commentbox with your name, email, and reason why do you need this product for (eg, skin problem that you face, etc.)

And that's it! 
Winner will be announced on the 29/12/2014 so good luck! :D 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! 
Till then,
Edlyn :)


  1. Hi,thanks for the giveaway,i already done the all steps,below are my details,
    Name: Yip Ee Hui
    The reason i need this product is i face with the acne problem and uneven skin tone,i already try many products but still can't fully solve my problem,now my face even have acne scar so i wish i can try this product.

  2. Name : Nur Syafiqqah Sulaiman
    Email :
    I need this product because i got freckles not only on my face, but my hands too. I tried many products just to make the freckles fade but no difference. So idk what product to use anymore. I really need this product cause this freckles make my confidence level become low.

  3. wah it really faded omg! Can it be used to treat birthmark? I tried several methods and products to get rid the birthmark patch on my right eye (not sure if you notice it before haha) but none of them works T.T

    Name: Princess Neverland

  4. Seeing as it works so well on you, I'd like to win this for my mum! She has been complaining about pigmentation and spots so I'd like to gift this to her for Christmas! Thanks for the giveaway babe! <3

    Name: Carinn Tan

  5. Hello~I'm interested to try on this wonderful product! Because my face got a lot of acne scars and dark circles....
    And and and...i love the packaging~~~So, wish me good luck!!!
    Gan Jin Sheng

  6. Name : Sally Yatiey
    Email :

    I need this product because i'm interested to try this product. I got freckles on my face too. I tried many products before but no difference. ;)

  7. I tried many skin product for remove freckle on my face. But no difference. I will try redoxy.


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