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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Hello! Considering this is my very first event that I attended through Butterfly Project Malaysia and I'm truly honoured that I was able to join, PLUS I get to meet my awesome blogger friends back in JB from Ma Cherie - The Johor Bloggers! It's been wayyy too long. 
It was a nice way to officially start my holiday after one whole month of exams. 


Maybelline New York with their latest range of makeup colors inspired by fashion - Maybelline New York Color Show

Color Show is a collection of the hottest fashion colors in convenient and advanced formualas in hot colors to brilliant must-have pieces. 
Color Show - which consists of 20 shades of nail colors, 16 shades of lipsticks and 6 shades of liners! What a wide range of colors to choose from, and guess what? They are all in VERY affordable prices that you might just what to get it all! 

 Prizes prepared by them for the mini contests! So sweet of them!

 Props to take ootds with. Hahahahaha but I ended up taking some really lame pictures of myself. 


Why am I so lame I don't know why either o_o 
Credits to : Princess! 

 Goodies and make ups for us to play with!!!!!

Let me introduce the products before I proceed to the activities during the event! 

As I mentioned that there's a WIDE range of cosmetics and colors to choose from ;

Retail Price : RM17.90

A range of the hottest and fashionable lip colors that range from reds to pinks. 

Look how pretty the colours are!!!!!

Color Show Lip Color offers brilliance and boldness in just one swipe. 
Plus, its fragrance - which is specially created for the Asian market. The pampering and sweet scent of the lipsticks made me wanna apply all of them (But I didn't wanna look like an insane woman) because they smell so nice!! Not overwhelming, just nice.  

Color Show Lip Color is available in the following hues :

NUDE ATTITUDE : 301 True Toffee, 303 Coral Culture, 305 Nude Mocha, 306 Cream Caramel, 308 Orange Ion
PRIORITY PINK : 101 Pink Avenue, 102 Pink Punch, 104 Pink Please, 105 Pinkalicious, 107 Pink Paradise, 108 Party Pink 
RED TO WEAR : 202 Red My Lips, 203 Cherry on Top, 205 Red Siren
PLUM TASTE : 401 Sweet Orchid, 402 Plum-tastic

Retail Price : RM17.90

Suitable for quirky and edgy coloured lined eyes, which you can get with Color Show Liner's stunning range of smudge-free colors! 

From left : 
07 Inca Gold, 03 Ocean Blue, 02 Light PCK Green, 06 Noble Purple, 04 Shiny Beige, 01 Spicy Orange

I don't really eyeliners because I'm REALLY BAD at it, especially liquid ones. But the colours available, it's hard for me to resist!!! I personally love the 06 Noble Purple and 03 Ocean Blue! 

Retail Price : RM9.90 

From simple to dramatic - whichever colour that you think of, they'll have it! 20 DIFFERENT COLOURS for you to choose from! Feeling convinced to buy it all already? ;)

Arghhhh the colours!!!! 

I've been wanting to get nail colours for myself, because I wasn't allowed to apply any nail colours since I was still a high school student. Then, I had a sudden urge to paint all my nails in different colours. Look at the range of colours Maybelline has! This is madness!! 

Go color crazy with these Color Show Nail Lacquer Shades!

From left ;

[First Row] : 303 Shocking Seas, 402 Blackcurrant Top, 212 Hooked on Pink, 010 Pink Voltage, 002 Pinkalicious, 218 Crazy Berry, 004 Berry Sexy, 216 Downtown Red, 215 Keep up the Flame, 214 Orange Fix

[Second Row] : 503 Denim Dash, 301 Tenacious Teal, 404 Mint Mojita, 406 Tangerine Treat, 211 Coral Craze, 005 Wine & Dine, 220 Blackout, 007 Silver Linings, 008 Bold Gold, 102 Porcelain Party 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The event started out with a slideshow, then a brief talk by Sharmini and Connie, both really friendly hosts which we all felt really comfortable and happy throughout the event! After the slideshow, we were given some coffee filters and nail lacquers. 
In this Color Show Nail Lacquers, we were told that they are breathable nail colours which allows oxygen and air to penetrate the nails. So we did an experiment to prove it!

Firstly, apply a thin layer of Color Show Nail Lacquer on the coffee filter.

Then, drip a drop of water on the dried nail lacquer.

We applied too much nail lacquer on the coffee filter so a bit fail.. Haha but I saw the rest of them who only applied a thin layer of nail lacquer, the water did actually went through the coffee filter O.O amazing! 

After the experiment, we had two contests! First one was the makeup contest! 
The most creative makeover wins! So...

So nice of them to prepare these awesome Maybelline products for us to try! I mean, for our contest. Hehehe

Eunice attentively putting on her best look!

Obviously my make up failed, my eye lines were not even balanced. XD 

Congratulations to Princess for winning the contest! She was really pro at it, making the eyeliners looking like eyeshadows! Wahhh I can never do that. >< 

Second was the nail art contest! I don't know what we were suppose to do but we were given a fake nail to paint the colours on! First time doing nail art (other than just dotting) so I just used most of the colours given there because I really didn't know what to do LOL

 Heaven!!! Loving all the colours here!

 Thank you so much BE cafe for preparing such scrumptious dishes while we were busy doing the nail arts! Everything was so yummy (especially the spaghetti) definitely going back there to dine again. So yummy!!!! 

Our nail arts. Not bad eh? :D :D

And this is mine! Just used whatever colours I saw and tried to make something out of it. ._.

And this is my very excited-trying-to-act-calm face when I was told that I won the contest because I did not expect that!!! Thank you so much for that 20 bottles of nail lacquers! :D :D :D :D

Overall, I enjoyed so much and learned so much from this workshop and I am so glad that I attended it! Made new friends, tried out new things, new experiences :)

Group photos! 

 Butterfly bloggers! Nice to meet you two, Jia Jia and Merlyn! :D

With the two friendly hosts, Shamini and Connie! :D

Credits to : Carinn! 

Be noted that :

Maybelline New York Color Show Lip Color and Color Show Liner are available at selected pharmacy, hypermarkets and supermarkets. 
Color Show Lacquer is available at selected Watsons and selected Guardian stores only! 

For more updates / if you wish to purchase Maybelline's products but not knowing where to purchase, do not hesistate to check out their Facebook page > click here < and leave them a personal message, they would be happy to let know the nearest place to purchase them! :D Thank you Maybelline for setting up such an awesome event! 

Don't forget to hashtag #mycolorshowoff and #maybellinemalaysia when you show off your colours with their amazing products on your social network! :D 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Till then,
Edlyn :)

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