Unexpected crisis.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

 Not sure to say this was actually expected/ or not. A sudden fire burning which started from one small part of the grassland, which grew bigger when the wind blows and brought the fire to a tree and then the rest of the land.
After 3 hours, the firedrill came. Yep, 3 HOURS. 
After trying to wash away the fire with the drain water as the pipe was too small for a huge fire like this, and smelt like a drain myself after that, still no avail. 

Some were just there to 'enjoy the movie' while the rest of us had to embrace the thick smoke, take turns to fill the buckets of drain water, smelling like drain AND smoke. Where's their humanity?

To think the fireman called to say that they lost their way?! Goodness gracious. Muar so small also cannot find. 

Thank goodness no one was injured and fire was put off, twice.

I finally blogged. One blog review coming up soon! xx

Lastly, I pray for the safety of the passengers on plane MH370. May the plane be found soon, with them safely onboard. 
It's a really depressing and disheartening news to hear, especially after reading the reports how the passengers' families felt upon hearing the news. I could not imagine if anyone that I know was on that plane. 

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