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Thursday, 20 March 2014

I am really grateful and lucky to be able to attend this tea party. This is my very first review on something, after so many years of blogging and so lucky to attend such amazing one in Singapore!! Thank you Ler for the invitation, and Eryn for fetching us in. :D
Not to mention how much I travelled on that day, but thank goodness I managed to reach Muar in time and to attend school the next day! Perks of being a Johorian/STUDENT. Sighsighh.

Thank you Beauty Direct, Honeyzcube and AIBI Style for having this tea party!
Beauty Direct is a retail store which brings in exclusive and most unique/awesome products all the way from Japan to Singapore and Malaysia! Which includes skin care, hair treatments, body and fragrances with brands like Chacott, White Label, Juju Cosmetics, Star Lash, and many more!

The setting of the shop.
Plaza@Cosme by Beauty Direct
Location : 100AM Shopping Mall 
Call : 66948977

Follow them on Instagram @beautydirectsg
Or their Facebook page! [ Click here ]

First thing I tried was...


Yeah I really tasted that before I started on any products and the tarts were AMAZINGLY GOOD. 
We need energy to carry on our duties, therefore why not to replenish oursleves? :3 

Okay, so back to topic...
The product that caught my attention was the White Label Premium Placenta's Elastic White Skin BB Cream!
White label is a Japanese brand, but you would be surprised that it is made of 100% LOCAL HUMAN PLACENTA. I guess most of might have heard of it/ or not, but it is new to me. Placenta?!

Looks interesting so I gave it a try.

Work wonders!!!!!!
Before and After applying the BB Cream!

More information about the White Label Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin BB Cream!

Pictures of other products sold in Plaza Cosme! 
Their products are all so neatly arranged with assorted colours, making it so vibrant and attractive *_*

A blogger trying out Star Lash, which the results turned out amazing!! 
Will be trying it out later on, thanks to the free gifts they got us! :D

The pretty pink goodie bags prepared just for us!
Will be blogging another post on the goodies I have received. :D

Thank you for the warm hospitality! We definitely enjoyed the tea party. :D
Make sure you check out ! :D
That's the end of the tea party! Overall, it was simple and nice, cozy and lovely! ♥ It's one thing that I have never experienced, having to meet other bloggers and to learn about new products. 

One thing that I may have experienced, being stuck in a massive jam for nearly 3 hours. 
Thanks to a random Mercedes uncle for barging through Woodlands checkpoint at the very same time/day T-T

We hear upon the very devastating news about MH370 on the very same day. It has been 12 days, hopefully we'll get some news soon. #prayforMH370

That's all for now!

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