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Monday, 24 March 2014


Thanks to Carinn for introducing Carousell to me!

About Carousell ;
Carousell is a phone application which enables you to sell the clothes/anything at all that you don't think you would be needing or wearing it anymore OR to buy something from someone else which they posted. It's fun to scroll Carousell as there's so many varieties of things to scroll about! HASSLE-FREE AND FUN!
Something like e-bay, but so much easier PLUS, you get to communicate with the people there easily. And no frets on the currency!

In case if you're wondering how the homepage looks like!
From girls apparels to boys', k-pop and even baby stuffs are available?!

Besides, by using Carousell it does makes you feel like a semi-business woman already. You get to state a price, name the items, negotiate the items and communicate with more people! Right??? 

Something new that you bought some time ago that you couldn't wear? Carousell them.
Things that you find it too wasteful to just throw it away when it is still valueable? Carousell them!

Pre-loved items, brand new, antiques, anything at all, feel free to just snap, state a price and there you go, with a chance of selling your things away without hesistation or even to have a thought of throwing them away! They could be owned by some other lucky people!! 

As for me, for the first few days when I first owned an account, I did a survey by categories since I've heard that most of the clothes are so affordable and mostly are really good quality items! Plus, I really needed some time to clear out the things I want to sell, so why not a survey! 

I took almost an hour just by scrolling on the clothes then to the beauty products, sporting gears, then crafts!
Can you believe it when you can get a really good quality dress for around price range RM15-RM20?! 
Unbelievable, YET TRUE!
Some users sell branded goods like H&M, Cotton On, Gucci, Padini, etc at a really low price since they are pre-loved. But hey, they're in good condition, quality assurance, why not? We have nothing to lose! :D

Okay, so after a few days of scrolling I guessed it was time for me to try selling an item myself, to give it a shot and try my luck!

How do you start selling an item;
They'll ask you if you would like to upload a picture from the gallery OR you would like to use the camera to take the picture of the item. See? It's so convenient! Like when you turn randomly in your room and you find any item that is Carousell-able, just grab it, take a nice picture and there you go! 

Okay, as for me I tried selling out this Bart Simpsons sweater that I got,
which I find it unsuitable for me. So there goes! 

Tips : If you find the lighting/colour of the picture is not attractive ENOUGH, effects are available too!! Tools like to saturate, brighten, sharpen, contrast, and many more! Like Instagram, it is square with tons of effects to choose from. :)


As you can see, this is the part where you describe your item after uploading a picture of it. 

If you have more pictures of the items that you're selling and you would like to share, press the empty columns above! You can have four at maximum, and you're able to choose which that you would like to be the cover photo! 

Like item condition, category, price.. 
And that's it! That's all you have to do!

This is my Carousell page! With the sweater picture :P
Feel free to add me cause I sell nice things too okay hahaha :33

JUST ON THE VERY NEXT DAY, received a notification from Carousell, a comment/question from a user who is interested on buying it. How fast was that?! And now the sweater is sold, just after 2 days! 
Maybe I was lucky as well, but I felt so elated after selling something! :D

You can actually bargain (state a price) from a seller if you're interested on a certain item, private message them and negotiate the price! People are mostly really willing to help and tell answer all your questions regarding any items, so you do not have to feel pulled back to have anything at all! 
And of course to be nice as well, everyone loves nice people! :3

So what are you waiting for?! Get an account now and start Carousell-ing!!! 

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