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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Had a wonderful weekend (which my Sunday is a Saturday T-T) Spent my time at JB eating and eating good food and might as well I share it.

Went to this restaurant with my fatty for monthsary, it's another house, renovated nicely and ta-daaaaaaa, a brand new posh restaurant.
It was indeed pretty posh, called The Brazzo.

Forgot to take picture of the interior sorry *_*

There is lunch set which is RM10.90 for each big portion on the set menu. Other normal time/ weekends, the prices are pretty high. We ordered the set because cheapskate mahhh lol.

Roasted Duck Pizza

This is not in the set menu, RM19.90 in a fairly big portion.

This is so yummy and devouring!!!! Especially the perfect crust as well as the gooey cheese topping. I loved this so much! ♥

Here comes the main course!

 Grilled Chicken Thigh with Herb Sauce (sth like that)

Pork Sausages with Mashed Potatoes

The chicken thigh was so tender and delicious, pretty big portion I almost couldn't finish it :x 
And the mashed potatoes are awesome!!! Tastes creamy and potato-y (lol). Love love love!! :D

The food there left me speechless because it's too good. Remember to go on weekdays! Around 12-3pm RM10.90 each and sky juice is free lololol. 

On the very next day. spent my day at ML with my banana family!!!!!!!!!!!
I used to go for Buddhism class every Sunday with these bunch of silly people which I never thought I would be close with, and everyone gradually became really close to each other. After so long, finally got to meet up with them and after a very long discussion on this trip! So, we planned to go back for a visit instead! :D

From Lao Da to the youngest, and some absentees!

Thanks to the awesome organizer, the Loois for planning the ice breaking games for the kids, all of us got involved as well! Yiling running with a little girl that she was hugging on, looking like a mom but I took no pictures, thought it would be nice if I blogged about it. :P

Had a simple lunch with them then of course, introduced Yardley Pastry (Cafe) which is right opposite where we had lunch for desserts! Everyone shared their lunch because they wanna eat more cakes later on hahaha.

Yardley Pastry is well-known for their Tiramisu as well as their swiss rolls. 
We ordered different ones to taste all kinds of swiss rolls.

 First of all , Tiramisu!
Very tempting hor? *_*

Compared to other cafes, Yardley cafe's tiramisu has the biggest portion and most importantly, yummiest! :3
It contains alcohol though. The coco powder literally choked us while swallowing but other than that, it's perfect for RM13.90! :) 

Been wanting to try their coffees there so I ordered!
2; Mocha

 Everyone went "EH DAMN NICE LAA I WANNA TAKE PIC" *pulls the plate*
Only Nicholas went "I also can make lahh" chehwah

I wanna be a barrista to learn coffee art as well!!!!

I love coffee+chocolate so this was pretty good for RM9! Coffee and chocolaty milky taste which was just nice! :)

And now for the SWISS ROLLS!!!!! 

Japanese Mango Blancmange!
It looks like pudding in the middle but it's actually puree!

 My fave of all : Strawberry Dairy Roll!
Slightly milky, little sweet and love the mini strawberry bits in the middle. Love love love! 

 Original Blancmange which was okay! 

 Caramel Macchiato, tastes like coffee or was it because I was drinking coffee ._.

 Matchazuki (Green tea with Red beans) which was yummy as well! 

Spinach Roll ;
which might sound gross to vege haters but there's no spinach taste at all, only the cheese filling! 

Kononnya artistic picture hahaha.

Overall, the swiss rolls are all very delicious, price range RM4-RM5.50 per piece and RM18-29 per roll.
They do delivery to KL, Penang, and Ulu Tiram as well. Y NO MUAR!
And I actually disagreed with the idea of ordering different flavours of swiss rolls and share because I find the swiss rolls too small for a slice and not really worth the money. But it is perfect for big groups to share as it is just nice, just fork out a little each and you get to taste all kinds of flavours! 

And lastly, Tiramisu drink that Wan Fang ordered! 

The cocoa powder looks like Milo powder thoughhh! 

And us;

Thank you ML bananas for having this gathering although some couldn't make it. But it was nice meeting up with you guys and shall meet till then! 

Till then, fatty! :3

Me when I was back in Muar alr, pissed because they were late. 
Credits to Pika hahaha.


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