{REVIEW} Maybelline 8-in-1 BBMOUSSE & TheJewels Lipstick

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hello, today I would like to introduce to you readers, the Maybelline 8-in-1 BBMousse and also The Jewels Lipstick!!

First, I would like to start off with the BB Mousse!!

You've heard of BB Cream, but mousse? If I'm the only one who has never heard of it hahaha so sorry *paiseh*
It is said to have the best coverage effect on face (as I have alot of freckles), and brings up a very light texture to the skin! 
Plus, it has SPF30 to protect skin from sun! 
I tried it on my face, but I realised the effect is more visible on my hand (yes my hands have alot of freckles as well T_T) 

Make sure you shake the bottle well before using, as it lets the mousse combined to the perfect tone! 
The only bad thing about this BB Mousse is that, I tried to pump out just a littleeeeee bit of it. But I was not allowed to do so.
Good thing was the amount was just nice for my hand! :D

Yes, it is just so fluffy :O I pumped a little only, but this came out! 
(See the freckles on my hand? :/)

To such a surprise, it covered up all my freckles!!! O.O
Edited it a little brighter ONLY so it's more obvious to see the freckles are GONE!
I really did not edit the freckles away hor~

It gives a matte texture to the skin, which is not oily as some bb creams do. 
It's really easy to apply, it may seem alot but why you apply it, it's just a sufficient amount for the skin so do not hesistate to use it :D

And now for The Jewels by COLORsensational

What I got is the Red Garnet colour!

The colour of the lipstick looks dark, but it gives a very soft colour to the lips!
I'm not really good at lipstick, so here is my best attempt :X

It gives a really nice texture, and moisturising too! It's not oily nor dry. :D

Second attempt by my mom is the chioest alr. I so fail in applying lipstick :O

The colour does differ, depends on your lips colour and skin tone. 
This is my mom applying The Jewels Red Garnet Lipstick!

It has a creamy feel, and also SPF15 for sun protection!

The colour looks amazing in all kinds of skin tone. I gave it to my mom to try. And she loves it! Now she wears it to work everyday. 
I had a trouble applying though, it's hard to let the colour stay on the inner lips while applying. I applied 3-4 times just to make it perfect. ._. 

This collection comes in 6 colours,
Refined Wine, Pink Tourmaline, Fuchsia Crystal, Berry Brilliant, Rubylicious and lastly this, Red Garnet!

That's all for my review! Thank you Kim for letting me try out these two amazing products!! :D♥

Both products are available in store like Watsons, Guardian and many more!
With absolutely reasonable and affordable prices!

Just to scare you off with my face O.O
Goodbyee :D

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