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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Two three weeks ago, there was this competition by Xpax (Twitter @xpaxsays), 50th lucky person to retweet their tweet will win one pair of tickets to Wang Lee Hom's concert in Genting, 30th March. I didn't pin any hopes for it cause I was kinda late when I saw that, i retweeted it anyway. Indeed, the winnner was a lady who kept spamming more than 50 times HAHAHA

Then two days ago, saw someone (Typical Msian guy's personal acc) tweeting about Xpax giving away the tickets, so I followed Xpax again, and waited for the competition to start.
Yeah this, I kept retweeting and undo till it's 46th, then I retweeted again. Heh.

And yeah, I spammed a little. SORRY HAHAHA GANCHIONG.

Then waited for awhile (And really not expecting anything) Plus I just wanna try my luck. If I get it, i'll give it to my sister. (Awesome sister here hello)
Then suddenly,

I jumped around for awhile, then my mom thought I went crazy hehehe.

Finally get to see Wang Lee Hom after so long!! Hot guy hot guy. .
Then again, SPM results are coming soon, 20th March, and the concert is on 30th March. Lol anxious yet excited idk????? Shall stay calm on results day, and not faint. Ohmygod.
And it was just my luck getting the tickets, and thank you Xpax once again!
WLH coming for you muahahahhaa.

Speaking of luck, I actually got the Meet and Greet for the Reachout, and I was so clever to not check my mails :) Regretted like shit. Actually missed my chance to take pictures with Chester See, Jason Chen and David Choi. Clever clever me.
It's okay it's over, plenty of chances in future. *self denial*
Hope you guys had fun, in Reachout or in Chingay! 

Kbye muahaha. :D

And guys! Follow @xpaxsays on Twitter! They might still give out the tickets I don't know O.O good luck!

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