Cny 2013 ; Snake Year

Monday, 4 March 2013

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 
I've procrastinated too long for this post. Saved this in drafts for so long but never completed it. Oh well.
I bet everyone is complaining how fat they're getting due to all the consumption of new year biscuits. And I'm one of them muahaha. Who can resist pineapple tarts anyway. (or maybe it's just me lol) Even before new year, it was pretty tormenting to just stare at the biscuits arranged at the cupboard but you cannot taste any of it till it's new year. HAHA SCREW FATS. :D Just gobble everything up like there's no tomorrow hahaha.
Diet can start tomorrow. Typical.

Reunion dinner was pretty scrumptious for me. Had barbeque at home and we all smell like fried chickens after that. Supposed to have reunion dinner in JB but we don't want to suffer 4/5 hours of jam, we might not even get to eat reunion dinner by then.

Yay yay.

One thing I can't stand is the noise of the fireworks they put every year, but bo pian if wanna see nice fireworks have to endure the noise. But really fireworks are so pweedyyyyyy. :D I was busy closing my ears, didn't even get to take pictures of it. #foreverbeinganidiot 
And I love my super colourful pyjamas cause it's so vibrant although it's for me to sleep in. ~.~
And my pants have pictures of smiling hedgehogs. :3

First day of Cny, went back to JB. It was raining pretty heavily. My dog followed us down so he "manja" on my leg. He wont just sit at one place and sit. Jakun dog, keep looking around and step on our thighs. ...
Two hours plus in the car like that.

My dog is awesome.

Ate dinner at JB with family, plus grandma and aunty! Awesome dinner but no appetite. Stayed in JB for two days after that and parents went back to Muar first. Sis went gambling at night with her friends while I'm like half-dead at home. (I dont know why i was half-dead but I remember I was lol). But thanks to my love for bringing me out at night! ♥ 
It was a good thing that I stayed in JB cause more angpows to take $$$ Sure money-minded during Cny what right, the only time where you can earn alot HEHEHE.

Went bai nian the day before I went back to Muar. I ate so much, and I wore the same cny clothes consecutively for three days cause it was a last minute decision to stay in JB for two more days. First three days of Cny and I wore the same clothes, and when I scroll ig timeline everyone was posting pictures of their different ootd. HAHAHA

And.... I don't remember where I went the next few days of CNY cause I have stml (short term memory loss) So i shall skip straight to the last day.

ULTIMATE BAI NIAN DAY (Actually not really) It was a fun day.
Went ML in the morning, met Ah Ru hehehe. Everything changed, chanting ways and all. The teachers even want to train us to lead the chanting part. What is this... And I miss the old ML when everyone was still active there. Lao da till da jie, one big family. ;_; Life goes on...

She looks so cute in her short short hair hehehe.
Jiayou for your competition! 

Then changed clothes and head off to Wy's house! Thank you Eak-Kuan for fetching me there plus giving me popiah to tahan hunger hehehe 
Stepped into his house, first thing I said was "Wy your house very small house" lol his house big like asdfghjkl and three adorable dogs and a swimming pool. SO HOT WHY NO JUMP IN.
Love Max to the max EH RHYMES.

Went up to Wy's room to scare Yiling and Colleen succeeded (Y)
Then after that we were just selfcam-ing and trying to take a group picture -.-


Weiyang's room super windy omg.


Yeah pro me, set timer to take group picture but took picture of myself.

Yiling ran there to pose this HAHAHAH

 They got bored.

Those pictures turned out okay, after this everyone went "OK LA OK LA CAN ALREADY CAN ALREADY" cause all of us were too tired to take pictures already. Only Colleen went "EH CANNOT LA CANNOT" HAHAHAHAHA.

After one hour plus of trying to get a decent group picture, went down to hug baby Max. How to tahan such an adorable dog? 


Another cute picture of Max before I leave his house!

Lunch outside KSL, bak kut teh! We ate like pigs (and we ate bak kut teh what is this) Chit-chat and kept trying to make Colleen eat cause she act "paiseh" ~.~
Strolled around Ksl after that, went to my house to get lappie and off to Kevin's house to bai nian! We were kinda obsessed with Kevin's younger brother because he was too chubby, and Colleen totally went on pedo mode. 

Supposed to watch Ah Boys To Men but halfway through movie Si Kevin cannot tahan the front war part and changed to Pearl Harbour which is still an awesome movie. But AH BOYS TO MEN IS AN AWESOME MOVIE HOR. K muahaha.

Another decent group pic at Kevin's house!

Driver of the day! Thank you! :D

I think I summarized too much on the outing but overall it was a fun day. Thank you awesome friends! We should hang out often like this :DD Missing my friends alr.. :O
I am such a lazy blogger, procrastinated and ended up a short one.
But at least I blogged the important parts hehehe.
p/s: Dieting cannot start tomorrow, shall start jogging already since Cny is over. ._. Good luck everyone (or maybe it's just me, again)

Goodbye! :D

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