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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I've been procrastinating my cny blog post cause first of all, I need to recall alot of things plus cny is not over till this Sunday. So, shall just till this Sunday then. Finally I'm back in JB again, can't wait to meet my lovelies.  And bai nian on the very last day of cny! 

So far cny's been pretty normal to me, sometimes boring but it's alright. Received quite an amount of angpows. Pretty satisfied and I'm proud to say that I didn't gamble at all cause I was munching cny biscuits all the time lol. Gaining fats is better than gambling. True story. 
Seriously no one can resist pineapple tarts.

Just a random blog post, I have no idea what am I doing there hehehe bye.
And btw, Summer is still awesome as ever WHAT NOT NICE?! 
K sorry muahaha.

Ending my blog post with my baby's picture.

Always taking her side view cause she always pose like that oh well.

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