February, and animals.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Time flies.

I still can't get myself to believe that it's 2013 already and now, it's February 2013. At least this year started out well for me. Hope happy feelings will stay as long as it will be. Positive thinking, give and take, resolutions shall be followed. And love people I love. 

First day of February turns out to be a really nice day for me. 

Few days ago, my sister's hamster escaped from his cage and went missing. We tried searching in every single boxes thinking he might accidentally fell into any one of it, or maybe even escaped through the window. We tried every other possible ways to lure him out by putting peanuts in one line on the floor straight to his cage, and even tried shouting his name which I don't even know if it'll even work.
Even pulled my dog to the room to see if he could smell JackJack. 
And Terry constantly ask me everyday if I found JackJack. Hahahaha concerned parent of JackJack. I felt so bad cause I kept thinking it was my fault that he escaped. asdfghjkl

Oh and I made eye contact with my neighbour's dog hoping he didn't eat him. The reason I did that was, after the day JackJack went missing, i overheard my mom's conversation to my dad that the neighbour's dog ate a kitten and it was a very gory sight to see. Plus, the kitten's parents just stood there and watch cause they were petrified too. Yeah early in the morning I had to listen to that-_- Valid reason, no? 

After three days, we decided to give up searching. Thinking that we would never find him again. So, we kept the cage but we didn't even bother to clean the bedding yet. (And I was still quite mad at the neighbour's dog for no reason hahahaha poor kitten asdfghjkl) 

I was in the room, playing with my neighbour's bunny (Carried it to my house everyday to play cause it's too adorable to resist), my sister screamed from another room. "JACKJACK!!!!!" Then she started jumping around and shouted my name. Yes then we started to jump and screamed HAHAHAHA. Mom was so startled by us and she thought something happened to the bunny :I According to my sister, JackJack literally fell down from heaven hahahaha. So lucky!!!!! We were all too elated and speechless heh. Fed him food and water right away as he lost weight after he went missing for three days. :(


I'm going to take safety precautions on locking the door extra tight, and block it with a big glass bottle. Lol paranoid already. Almost went crazy searching for this little guy here, cannot lose it again. 
We can rest happily now hehehehe.

Kay I cannot leave out my Momo. :3
Few weeks ago, Momo's leg was stuck in between the cage door. Her leg started to bleed so my sister washed and applied medicine on it. Thought it might be okay the next few days.
After two days, I went to check on her leg. Turns out that her leg went black & dried off and she didn't even use that leg to walk anymore. My sister started to google and the results said that the leg has to be amputated. :( But most of the hamsters will bite it off itself so it will be fine. It was really sad to hear that news, but hope Momo was clever to bite off her leg. 
I don't remember how long she took for her to bite her leg off, BUT SHE REALLY BIT OFF HER LEG. 
Clever hammie!!!! Although she lost one leg, she is still very naughty. Bite the cage non stop till almost all the paint of the cage came off. Lol. But her leg looks so cute now, after she bit off the black part. Kay sorry I sounded very gross but it's really cute heh okay. ._.

Cute right ♥♥♥ look at her ear omg :D 

And now, I shall introduce my neighbour's bunny.
Her name is Xiaobai. She was found in a drain last week. Heard from my neighbour, she said she was from a neighbour the other road. Her kids always torture and throw the bunny around, and somehow Xiaobai managed to escape. But unfortunately fell into the drain. I wasn't in Muar so I didn't know what really happened. My sister got her out from the drain, and my neighbour cleaned Xiaobai. She was named that cause she has super white and fluffly fur.  

This is Xiaobai, sleeping on my lap hehehe.

Immediately fell asleep when I was rubbing her hand :D


So yeah, I sidetracked too much after blogging about animals lol..
Anyways, February started out well. Hope it will be awesome for the rest of the month.
Absence of negativity brings out alot of happy things in our lives. :3
And please love animals, they are such cute creatures. :D

I feel bad for my dog and iguana cause I'm not blogging about them. They won't know anyway HAHAHAHA what am I doing.....
Okay goodbye people. Have a nice month, and eat more for CNY & get more angpows! (Y)

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