DIY : Donkey plushie making.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hello people, thought I should blog this since I'm free. ._.
I bought this from Daiso, which is only for RM 5. It looks pretty cute so I thought I should just try to make one. (Housewife in the making hello lol) Kills time and fun. Why not?
I set all the pictures to extra large cause it looks nicer heh. 
It might sound like a tutorial, but it's not. Cause it's just for me to blog.. For fun. :O 
Kay here goes.

This is the packaging.

 Ignore the calendar at the back, it's just to make the package stand.

Inside contains ;

 What you need to make the plushie, the one in yellow box is what you have to prepare.
Needles, scissors, uhu gum/super glue, pencil or pen.

Cotton and cloths, threads, ring thing. o.o


First step ; Make the head. 

I traced the shape of the donkey's head with a piece of paper.

Use a needle (idk what is this called), hold the paper to the cloth and cut it according to the shape.
REMEMBER to fold the cloth into two before you cut it cause you need two pieces. This was me being a noob. (Y)


 Two pieces like this.

Once you're done, now is the nose's part.
It's the same method, traced according to the picture, fold the cloth into half and cut it according to the shape.

Did it right this time!

 Two pieces. :D

For the line (nostrils? lol), you need black colour thread,

 Like this. 

 Tie a knot at the very end. To make it nicer you can cut away the excessive one after you tied it. It doesn't really matter anyway.

Sew one line like this.

Yes like this, same goes to the other side.
Make sure it's kinda parallel or else it'll look pretty funny. ._.

Alike la hor?!


Now, use superglue to paste the eyes, hair (idk), nose, etc.
Thankyou to a silly boy who bought the superglue for me hehehe :D

Be careful not touch the glue, it'll be hard to wash off.
Use a tool like this. (Forgot what is this called again lol)

Leave some space at the side so there's place for the threads to go through after that.

Looks like a gila case donkey. Close enough hahahaha.
 The nose is only half pasted because the lower part will be pasted with the body.

Start sewing with the other piece of the cloth that was cut previously.

Leave the space below to put the cotton in.

Like this. Cut the excessive thread.

Stuff more so it'll look fatter lol.

 Done with the head~

Second step ; Make the body.

The body and the hand. Traced everything on a paper.


Its okay to cut it bigger, cause fatter donkey is cuter lol.

Fold into two before cutting it.

And use the needle thing to hold it again.

And cut it bigger than the actual size is safer. 

 This time, grey colour thread for the body.

 Sew and leave the upper part to put in the cotton again.

Stuff more cottons!!!!

And sew it after you finished stuffing it.
Stuffed too little and i realised it too late after i sewed everything together -.-

 Now for the hands/legs/idk.
Traced with a paper like the previous one.

As for the hands, you have to fold it four times or two times twice because one hand needs two cloths. Therefore to make two hands, four cloths.

Cut it, and sew two cloths together. For both hands.
Leave a space before sewing it too.

Stuff the cottons weeeeee.

Sew the remaining after stuffing.
Repeat same steps for both. :3 

After the hands are done, you have to sew it with the body. Somehow I think I made it look cacat, but oh well still did it anyway. Instructions are in Japanese -.-

Looks like I separated them omg.

Sew 5-6 stitches.

So cacat though hehehe.
Body's done!

Third step ; Make the shorts.

Now to make the shorts... Somehow the paper there's the shorts. But I didn't exactly followed it cause I couldn't measure the leg hehehe oh well. 
What I did was ;

Cut the green cloth into two after measuring.
 I don't know the length, but I measured the width.

Sewed the cloth with the body with the green thread. 

It'll look weird but.. Oh well heh.

Sewed till I find it okay. Right above the legs. 
(Srsly sound so wrong sorry)

My donkey is so skinny.

Folded the excessive ones up and cut it. 
Looks like a skirt in the end, but still fine.

Pasted a star, like the one in the picture.
 And the body is done!!!

Final step ; Pasting everything together.

Apply some super glue at the back of the front piece of the nose.

Same goes to the body.
 Just the front part!

As for the back part, sew it with the beige colour thread.

 Yay my not-really-donkey donkey is almost done. :D

 Cut a long rectangular cloth, and fold it into two.
Sew it at the back.

TADA!!!! :D

The chain thing was given so you can hang it on your pencilcase, anywhere.
Kay sorry it looks super different from the picture given but I tried my best.
Hehehehhe :D


Actually I thought I might fail but oh well, still succeeded, I think. Heh.
Buy it from Daiso and try it if you're as bored as me HEHEHE

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