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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hello I'm back to Muar again after an awesome trip to JB and met up with the lovelies. Spent my time that whole week wisely heh. :D Procrastinated to blog for so long. Type two lines, save to drafts. Continue the next day. Heh.
Thank you shtupiak for fetching me from the bus station. :3

I went back to JB was to accompany Yi Ling to visit the dialysis centre, to learn about the jobs of the nurses there. At first we thought we would be going to the hospital. But visiting the dialysis centre was fine too. I went back earlier by one day cause we thought it's gonna be on the next day. Girls being girls, watched dramas and gossiped till 3 am after knowing it's not on the next day ~.~ YL was so crazy that when Colleen called she said "Hey sexy lady wanna come to my house I mosturized my leg damn sexy kay" HAHAHAHA Sorry ling dont kill me. :D And she was so obsessed with the guy on her desktop background -.-

The next day we woke up and we were hungry after breakfast, made tangyuan then brownies next. ._. YL said living with me is gonna make her fat, same goes to me okay loll.

It looks like fishballs.

The yummy chocolate thing we made.

Then we spent the rest of the day camwhoring. :3

We look alike meh.

 Luckily I don't live there hahahahaha.

Just wanna convince myself that i got slimmer hahahaha okbye.

Then we visited the dialysis centre the next day. It's located in Kulai, by a Rotary Club. 
Woke up early in the morning to get ready, and we were quite excited to go there too. First they introduced themselves, and stuffs they have to do. The "sister" there said actually there's nothing for us to learn cause it's the same routine everyday. Every four hours they just have to take out the needles, throw the tubes, record weight and BP. 
.... And it's true, then we just stood and stare at first. But turns out it was okay after that. Managed to talk to the patients, looked around, helped a little. Talked to the nurses there. They were so friendly! :D

When we were walking to the stall to eat the tasteless and expensive chicken rice. -.-
*oh then i couldn't open the plastic for the gummies and yl turned into nanny mode hehehehe. thankyou.

Went home slightly earlier after looking at the nurses poking the needles to the patients arms for dialysis. Hmm, couldn't do anything but just pray that it didn't hurt that much for them.

At night, watched The Impossible in KSL with the shtupiak. Wth cried like asdfghjkl. The movie was so nice but I don't think I would even bother to download and watch it again cause I don't wanna cry anymore. HAHAHAHA. Shall not spoil it.
But it's a must watch people. ★★★★★
By the way, Chatime is open in KSL! I will only drink Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly forever and always. (Y) 

The next day, YL and I went to the dialysis centre again. It was so funny there cause the nurses were sort of interviewing us and told Yiling she looked like angmoh! They made so many jokes throughout the day. They even had a celebration for one of the nurse's birthday and I stuffed 3 pizzas cause I thought Yiling wanted to share the third piece with me. ._. #onereasonwhyicanneverslimdown

Group picture before we leave. :)
*ok lor i look so awkward there hahahaha

 Sorry lor we girls mah sure camwhore in the toilet LOL

After finished two days of visiting, we went straight to KSL to shop. Aunties forever being aunties. Played with makeup cause we had nothing better to do. Then we started to put on eyeliner and everything HAHAHAA. :D At least we resisted on eating anything. But we certainly did spent some money on clothes. -_- 

See aunties. HAHAHA.

Visited Sunway the next day. Thank you shtupiakk for fetching us again hehehe. Colleen hugged us like mad when she saw us. K i missed my friends. ♥♥ Celine, Lynette and Shalinn can't join for breakfast so three of us went instead. Walked to MCD felt like it was high school all over again when we used to walk to City Square together. Heh.

Ang Jun Hao : "EH AUNTY HELLO"
Me : *folds sleeves*
Yeah and he said I went to Sunway to see him. Yala wtv~

Talked and gossiped so much like we always do. Gave Colleen the pancakes that we couldn't finish and Yiling just gave her a piece. HAHA Our human food tong sampah as usual. 

Hahahaha k sorry Yiling i didn't delete that picture. :P

We walked back to the college. I was so blind that I couldn't see Joyce and Yijin waving to me from upstairs for so long. They laughed at me for so long tsk.
YL and I went to auditiorium room to watch the auditions for Music Club. Colleen told us where's the auditorium room with the sign pointing to the ground. -_- Colleen y u so so cute. So many times of Call Me Maybe. ._. And it was so cold in there plus it was abit awkward cause we were just there to watch and not the students there. *insert awkward penguin face*

After two hours, met up to have lunch with old friends again. Wei Yang, "Eh you prettier alr leh" "Thanks" "JK" asdfghjkl thanks people. Luolin is so damn skinny as always, Shalinn was nervous bout her audition, Yiling still so sampat hehehehe, Colleen kept camwhoring with my camera goodness and Celine forever bullying people heh jk.

At Puff Garden.

What we do best. Heh.

Don't know what's this called but it's nice. 

Then walked to the second place to eat with Lynette and Celine.

 Muahahahaha. :D

In the auditorium room!

Kay enough of pictures. -___- One of the reason why I need to post more pictures cause I'm scared that my laptop goes berserk again plus, no hard disk. Heh sorry.

Met up with a few old friends after that before leaving. It's always so nice to meet up after a long time, more things to catch up with and to talk about. Heh i love my friends. :D  And Sunway is like high school all over again, everyone is there asdfghjkl.

It was a fun trip back to JB though. Felt so nice meeting up with everyone.

And thank you shtupiak for bringing me around! :D

I can FINALLY post this seriously -__-
P/s: I really have no idea why I took so long to post this when I typed so little.
Bad blogger hahahaha goodbye.

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