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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hello blogworld.

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY 2013! 
World did not end so yay, here we are continuing living in this world, making new resolutions every beginning of the year and never follows it. Yeah, happens to me every year. It's even better if you don't even have to make any resolutions.

Although I know I would be laughing at myself end of this year saying "There I go again, not following any of the stupid list I made lol" But i shall just make that list so I can be a better person every year. Just hope history will not repeat this year.

Resolutions :
1. Be nice to people.
2. Less hate and more give than take.
3. Stay happy.
4. Study hard.
5. Stop falling down. (or tripping to be exact)
6. Fight insecurities.
7. Save $$
8. Sleep more. (yes sleep more)
9. More HIMYM (i can do this)
10. More Youtube (this too)

Kay maybe it makes no sense lol. I shall just keep the rest to myself.

And based on my blog title, happy fat kid. I shall blog bout my trip to KL.
It was fun, and fattening. I spent most of my money on food than clothes. I bought one shirt and two earrings, yeah that's all. :3

Went to this shop full of bunnies (!!!) Totally went mad there. It's a shop where they sell bunnies, on board and people get to adopt bunnies. Mean owners just left them there because they didn't want the bunny anymore. :( Plus I saw this super fat hamster omaigod I'm gonna feed my hamster food till it's that fat. Didn't get to take pictures of the fat hamster :(

 It's a boy but wearing a dress. Hahahaha so cute.


 The netherland dwarf bunny I hugged during the expo job. Met this bunny again in KL!

And Terry said his hands look fat here. Sorry lorrr.

Bunny on my lap so frigging adorable. :3

Stood there for almost an hour or so. After that went for lunch and Gong Cha. For those who are going to KL to study, just stop drinking Chatime and drink Gong Cha instead. (Y)

Overall, KL trip was awesome cause Terry brought me around to jalan-jalan, went to his college to see stuffs. Just right beside Sunway Pyramid. & allowed me to watch how i met your mother till 4. I spent my trip there finishing two seasons of it. I still love Barney so much eventhough he's gay in real life O_Q suppose to be a crying face but somehow it looks scary.HAHAHAHA.
& real talks which I really needed.
And not forgetting how he convinced me to go badmintion with his friends, when I'm really bad at it...
How did he do that I have no idea.

Terry's house looks like a zoo now too, thanks to my sister for bringing some of them back.
Durian the hedgehog, Taro and JackJack the hamsters, Cookie the mini toy poodle, and Lucky the mix with dalmation. I love pets. 



Didn't manage to take pictures of Durian and Taro. :(

 First Day ; Waiting for burger.

Second day ; Paradigm Mall's Fish & Co.

 Fish eye lens lolol new year :3

 Terry redesigned my Ace's phone cover. :3
Suppose to be nicer but the cover's paint quality made it smudged.

 Waffle. (Fats)

 Waffles again. (Fats)

 Chatime. (Fats)

Gongcha (Idc la i love this)


How i met your mother. :3

Last day in KL.

Summarized it with pictures. It was fun jogging to the pasar the first day and stopped for the rest of the week when we were suppose to jog every morning lol. Watch himym till midnight, pitch perfect and shutter island. Yam cha till I almost fell asleep there. Longest pasar malam in Malaysia & window shopping all the way (Y)
And thank you Terry and Sabrina for bringing around plus uncle and aunty for bringing me to makan :3
Feeling so long-winded repeating over and over again but oh well, it was really fun.
At least I'm not at home rotting.

Oh & Good luck for all my friends who had started college! Have fun :D
Now I shall just spend my time reading books and housechores. ._.

* Sorry I cannot forget this.
I miss my Momo! :( She's in JB and I'm in Muar </3

Not clear but awww. :3 

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